Monday, July 14, 2008

Bargello Summer Fabrics

Here are my choices for the Summer fabrics for Bargello Season..all hand dyed but the yellow and the theme fabric..The turquoise are a bit darker and I do have a light, med and darker one but it does not show it here..I can not wait to start it...We use 9 fabrics in this one.
I have been a nervous wreck all morning and getting nothing done as I am worried about my twin, she is having her bio/surgery on her right breast..they had to do something different and use an ultra sound and some tool to get to her tumor and be able to remove was or going to be as simple as mine where..mine where right there, hers is under the bone. Wish you speedy recovery sis..


Doreen K. said...

Beautiful colors!!! Love the one you just did also. Hope all is well with your Sis.

LorraineS said...

Thank you Doreen, she is doing OK. I heard from her last night and it was a relief..but the pain was still numb..told her to take the pain pill before it comes I have been two of these and it is painful..
Thank your for you comment..this is how I see have changed and added a purple and took out one of the turquoise as it just blended with another I dyed the light one I will add it later..The spring one I am thinking of appliquéing some flower to the bottom as spring does, flowers spring hugs, Lorraine

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