Thursday, July 31, 2008

Autumn with 2 borders and mock binding and fibers

I just need to couch the fibers on and than sandwich for machine quilting on my Bargello Season's autumn. Than I will add the thin green binding on. It really, really looks better than this photo.. It measures 41 wide and 26 inches long, give or take after binding is added. Now on to winter after I do a patchwork class that I also am retaking..with Carol Miller, Starting from Scratch. I need to do this for myself, even if I do not understand a lot of the ways of doing I did the Bargellos. It is all Greek to me and makes me nervous..but all I have to do is ask, no matter how dumb I think the question I am up late as I took a nap and shut of the alarm and slept 5 so I will go to bed with a sleeping pill and wake up sometime in the late

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