Friday, July 11, 2008

Zodiac Pillows received

I heard from both Patti and Mary that they received the pillows above that I made them..with joyous comments..
Mary's daughter, Joycelyn, had asked Mary, where did you buy them and Mary quoted, I did not, Aunt Lorraine made them and she was she was in thank you for the compliment. Mary said she has not done machine quilting and is afraid of the thread breaking on her..told her it takes practice and if you set you tension and settings, make a note of the different types of threads so it doesn't..When my threads started to break I knew something was wrong with my machine, after it was fixed it is like brand knew and still sews any type of thread I have thrown at it..not saying that for the newer machine. The Futura I haven't even tried, who knows I might like it..or it likes the threads..some other day when I am not preoccupied. lol Now back to cutting fabrics for Bargello Season-Spring..than off and on I will work with my son's quilt and zodiac quilt..have to keep my mind busy..

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