Thursday, July 3, 2008

My Dr thinks I am a challenge-long post

I will start from the beginning of seeing Dr. Adams. You will go through what I went through..the only way I know how to tell you what I know..
I had a 12:45 apt. I got there at 12;30 and had to wait for a good half hour before being seen...thank goodness I brought my book. First they took blood...a LOT of it. the vials where a good 5 and half inches and an inch and half wide..6 of them..This nurse was good, she got my vein right away, usually they take two and miss and I have to tell them to get someone else that can do it..and than I come home all kinds of bruising...On the third vial..she taps where the blood is coming out from my arm..than I look at her and ask her, "do I have enough blood" she laughs and than I begged her to please "save me some blood" I had her really laughing this time..I asked her "what are taking so much blood" she says to me " Honey, we are checking your for everything"...all I could do is just sit there and wonder what is everything!!
Than she puts me in a room and I asked her, is this going to take long, she said yes. I asked her could I go and get my book she said yes..I get in the room and another person, nurse, I guess has all these pages of something with her..than she started to ask all kinds of questions...a good 15 minutes..when she get done she makes me lay on the table..which I can hardly get on because of my hip area is really bad, had to get in that truck of my husband, she was really sweet and helped me up..than she said she was going to be touching different places of my body and I was to let her if it hurts..she started with my toes, feet, and all the way pain or she makes me stand up and do a few things, the only thing that hurt was when she told me to put both arms around my back like I was putting a bra on..and my right shoulder is hurting..she thinks I have bursitis in both hip and arm..and they can give me cortisone shots.. when she is done..she was puzzled because I was not in pain but the tow places..they are going by the records my Dr sent them, my knee and hands...I told her I am not here any pain but here because my Dr sent me here because he thinks I have LUPUS and I know I do not have it...end of this..and than I was to have x-rays done...
I waited another 20 minutes than Dr Adams comes in and see my psoriasis on my legs..I no longer hide it, and he said I believe you have Psoriatic Arthritis..have you heard of it and and said no and than I remember I had, my Lil sister has it...he give me a pamphlet to read...he said you did have your X-ray and I said no sir been waiting 20 minutes for it..he cocks an eye, like he did not like it...he leaves and I continue to read my book, what a god send this book I can not stand is to be in room where it nothing to
About 5 minutes later a woman comes in and this is where to me, Hell begins...she took about a dozen or more x-rays, from my hands, my lower hip and both knees...god when I was done I was in so much pain from every where...she for sure had to help me out of the table..I also could have killed my family Dr for sending me here!! With pain from the truck and now this...
Than I was put back in room #3..waited about 15 minutes or more and Dr. Adams comes in. He has my x-rays..He lifts the first one and it is of my lower back..He says to me " Your back is a mess!" I said what?? How? He points out to me that I have on the left side of the, excuse me, but I do not know medical terms here, as he did not use them..but lower part of my back bones..on the left side the two disc were compressed and on the right side I had a missing and looked like this < as the empty space with the has deteriorated over the years..He asked me if I had hurt my back, I said the only time I did was in Hawaii when I stretched my arms out and picked a desk raising it about 2 inches off the floor and took one step and dropped it..and than I was laid up for 4 months or more in bed not being able to even talk without pain and I was 32 years old..well, he than it has to that long and he asked if they took x-rays at then, I said no they said I had pulled all my lower muscles..and than he asked me if I had sore back..I said yes ever since but I figure what ever I was doing and that the lower muscles turned to arthritis as that is what I was told in 1987 at the Naval hospital and they took x-rays and did not say anything about my there you go..
Than he brought out my knee x-rays, about 4 of them..and told me they looked fine and why was I in pain..I told him, I am not in pain all the time, only when I exert myself in what I am doing and than I also told him that I was not there for any pain in my body and that I was there because my family Dr thought I should be checked for Lupus...which I do not have I told him..than he said that I might but he wasn't going to say anything at that point...I told him I use a cane to help me walk longer distance because my knee and lower back starts to hurt and can not stand he under stood...and also told him that I do not use the cane in my home unless I am in really bad pain...
Than he brings out the hand x-rays...same thing but he shows me on both of my thumbs..I have a white spot just about the knuckle, where I hurt a lot when working with anything..reason for braces I use...and said I see this is where you must have some pain..I told him yes and also I believe my carpel tunnel is back because my hands are going numb on me again at night when I am sleeping..he notes this on his papers...yes, people, its back..but told him that I had surgery on both hands and plus two ganglion's removed of the right wrist, he makes another note...Than I said do you think I have Lupus...He said he thinks I might..but than he said "you are a challenge to me and I won't make any statements at this time till I have your blood work and x-rays in front of me together...I want to see you in 3 to 4 weeks, the sooner the better..than he said you really have a bad case of psoriasis and I have medication that will make it go away..I said that would be so now I go in on July 22 at there you have...I have just relived my Dr's apt and you right along with there you have it...I am a CHALLENGE to my Dr..go
My dh said the patients were saying how great Dr. Adams is and so I am glad to have him as mine..Really glad..On the 22, I will find out the results and come home knowing what I have plus probably have a couple of shots and my prescription for my psoriasis...the banana skin is still working on me but very slowly...psoriasis also is brought on by stress and being nervous and I have been lately and I think this is the reason it has not gone keeps on growing on me..but it still helps the itch and stops the growth from getting really bad...
My twin went in today to find out how bad her nodule on her right breast is..well, I can say this had me in tears and fearing my sister life...The Dr told her today it was 8% cancerous and she is getting her bio in the hospital on Monday, her nodule is where they can not get to it so it has to be done in the hospital..We are so relieved...thank you, God..


Marjie said...

Sounds like this doc is going to find out what is going on-finally- and get to the bottom of what's going on with you. Sounds like multiple situations and he did the right thing taking all that blood. Praying for you. Rest. Let the junk go. Keep the good. Release the bad. God is good- all the time!

LorraineS said...

Marjie, you made me cry, I know all this and now I will write what the heart specialist told me today...I somehow really mess me up somewhere between 32-59...thank for such a wonderful and hugs, Lorraine

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