Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bargello Twist first quarter done

It is not perfect that is for sure, but did get through it will no lost of I started this the other night and worked on it all day yesterday between breaks..and about an hour and half this morning. I still have some triangles to add to them..but that will come
I believe the next three with be much more relax for Like I said this type of thing is not what I normally do..
I had to take out I do not know how many stitches and strips..and re sew them..I praise all you that do piecing hats to you all...all that sewing, than all the IRONING..My ironing board is about 15 feet from where I sew so I do hope I lose some I have to iron those strips flat after sewing them...back and forth...after awhile I did get use to it..not much room in the dinning room or my other studio for my ironing board so I iron in the wet/dry studio..use to be my mold my former business...
I am going to take a photos of all my UFOs unfinished quilts. This way I can visualized what has to be done...and than put it in a folder that I keep for all quilts I make..a special folder is added to my classes on my special notes and etc...I also have some fabrics that have designs traced on them and few fabrics added to them, more than I want to think of and will also add them..Than I have some just a possibility of design on poster boards..will go through these and see if I can spark an interest, if not in the trash it goes.. I now just want to finished these a little at time..and also have many designs that are sketched that I would like to that I do not do PC, challenges and so forth..I just might get some of these done...
I hope you all had a wonderful 4Th of July, it was quiet except for a few "bangs and Pops" out there...we know now that my precious dog, "Suzie" is not quite deaf but getting there...At this of the year, she is so afraid of the fireworks and the noise it makes, last night we kept on watching her and she was laying down and did not bugle at all.we felt sad for her...

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