Saturday, July 12, 2008

My New Learning Bargello Seasons Spring Project

I had changed the colors with different greens as the ones that I had just blended to much together after cutting them and putting them on the designing board..these are the new color fabric..much happier.
I was so mixed up with this but re reading and re reading, and help from dh I it finally clicked and here is my tube...really neat too...
Here are the strips from the tube and on the left is what is left over, 3 and 1/2 inches..whew, made is to me much better using the 45 width than fat quarters..
Now I will re read to see what I do now to make my bargello and am very excited about it..look for a photo of it on the designing board..this will be fun..
The awning people came on Thursday, 6 men, and fixed the awning but just the way it moving over the post that is off centered or putting another where the bugle was..I was so angry..that I slam my door and about a half hour later, there is a light tap on the door..He said he was going to if the contractor, Mr. Reed, would foot the bill for another you know the bugle will come can see it and only common sense you can tell...Well he called Friday and told he would and they would be out this coming week to put up the other post...probably because they do not want to hear from us again and I do not want any more problems either or they will get a call..again..
No word on my sunglasses..none..
Has everyone received there tax money, we haven't a notice on Thursday and said it would be here on the did not come and neither today, I just want money to play
Linda Schmidt has a new class at called Waves and Waterfalls..I signed up right away, and I bet I was one of the first..I always check early Fridays till I see the new classes..I can not wait..I have been waiting for her to come up with I do know she is a very busy woman.. Carol said they were going to be about 5 or 6 new classes, and I think that is it..I have taken all new classes, 4 of them and plus there are 3 EQ6 classes which I did not bother with this time around..but there is always still hope that one of the teachers will come up with something new..I am thinking of taking Pineapple Plus with Illa McCullum..she is a very patience teacher like Ruth and I believe she will help me get through the paper piecing so at least I learn this technique...not for sure..yet..
We were going to take Mom shopping tomorrow and you can not believe this..they are waxing the hall ways and were told not to go in or out of their apts..only in emergency..I was so upset that I am calling the head company, something like this in a retirement home should be done late at night like it use to be and also more often than years in between..I can not believe how dirty the floors are and Mom did not want me to do or say anything but I am not now...Mom wanted to go shopping but they can not give her a time on when they are going to doing this either so we could not even plan around that...what about the people that go to church..this is not right at all..I told her we would pick her up at 10am and she said she could not in case they were cleaning and we will do it next week..I just do not want her to run out of food..Let me tell you what I would do..walk on the damn floors!!! Get some skate boards to go up and down the hallway .. you get the Have a good tomorrow as I know about 24 people wont' be able too..

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