Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Miscellaneous Stuff/long chat

I found these pretty fabrics at Hobby Lobby yesterday, they will go into my winter Bargello..going to a winter 30 percent off..
Most of what I bought at Hobby Lobby. I bought some fabric glue that I might give it try on doing some binding on these quilts after they are machine quilted..the swirly thing is a flexible ruler to help me make my designs I have planned on my quilts..they stay in place while you mark your fabric. I bought that pretty autumn yarn to put on my autumn quilt either between the border and binding or inside the border..not sure yet..I have to put something on one of my
I bought a little something for myself or shall I say I thought it was on of those fitting forms but dh told me he thought it was for jewelry..oh well, I love it and it will go with the others in my
I had a 930 apt..left he house at 845..did not get out of the Dr's office till noon. we had so much planned and we end up hurry up doing it all. It took an hour and 15 minutes to see the Dr and another waiting in room number one for him to give me a shot..than found out there were suppose to be two Dr's. and he was the only took another 20 before he came in and gave my shot..he is a busy Dr. for sure..and of course I had no book to read.. I just hate this when it
We than went to the Petco to buy some new things for Suzie, a new bed and a new bowl set that does not move and spill water all over the floor..but we bought spent about 66 dollars my little one.. Than we had lunch at IHOP..I love to eat there, I do not have to eat a sandwich if I do not want to..We than proceeded to Millington which was another 30 minute drive and went to the bank.
We than went to the Driver's license place, and OMG they had about 50 people there, I just could not believe it..Dh said you want to do some other day and I said NO. I will wait..went up there and the woman said since I had my paper work already and if I was paying with a debit card I could to the machine in the corner and do all of that there and I was out of there in 20 the new system..I received my driver license renewal, saying since I was gong to be 60 I did not need a photo..I thought how neat..well dh told me that I should..
Than we went to eye Dr's and had a few words to say to them as they never did send in my sunglasses..trying to blame it on me..Dr Reed said he was going to send it in to fix the chip and take care of the bifocal area..and the receptionist was to call me when they came in..she was telling me that I never came back and told her she never called..let me put it to you this way, I was raising my voice by now and she said she liked me better in the mornings and told I was not going to change my feelings any better in any mornings coming here with the service I have received and told her she is the one that chip that glasses not me..when she was dipping into the tinting thing with those clamp is under my lenses, now how am I going to chip it when I had them on for one or two hours and put them in the now I have to wear them after he did some adjusting and that is all I wanted him to do a month I have to go back Friday and return them for them to fix the how long will I have to wait for these to come know she has never called me when any of my glasses came in, I ended up calling her..
Than we went to NEX and I stayed in the truck I was so It was 97 degrees yesterday.. So we did manage to get everything done on my list..Dh took the day off so we could.
Next week he has to work 12 hours shifts for 7 days and no time off and go back to work on Monday and hope he does not have to work over time..yes the pay is nice but not at this time of the year when the heat is unbearable..and than do this again in Sept..he can take any time off when they have a shut down..I told him to remind them that I come but as it goes my apt is not during the shut down..
I will spent the weekend doing my first dyeing batch and at the same time will cooked up a lot of meals so that we just have to reheat them..Spaghetti, Lasagna, and meals that I can freeze for a week or so..have a nice tomorrow..

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