Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summer Bargello Top done

I had taken a nap today, a much to long one that left me up all night..I had finish the top and was going to send photos in to the gallery after my nap. I have been up all night so decided to do the borders..I have tried 4 different colors for the first border..and what a difference it makes on a quilt..the lime green brought out the purples and green, the turquoise brought out the blues and oranges..the purple did nothing for it really, as it a light purple..I knew when I pinned it on the board it was gong to be red, I did not want to use red..but it was the best choice for the fabrics used in my summer..Now I am not sure what color fabric I will use for the binding but that is after machine will probably be awhile yet..I have a pile right now of 5 quilts counting this
This is my sizzling is what summer is to me..


Lynne said...

Super summer Lorraine - I like your Bargellos. On my "to do sometime" list!

LorraineS said...

Lynne, if you haven't taken a class with Ruth Blanchet, she will have all these classes in the beginning of the 2009..QU is rounding off with classes and shuts down for Thanksgiving and Christmas..So for sure it is something for you think about.not much money and have all the time in the world to do them..
Thank you so much..Have you done piecing work or like me just art I have learned so much doing these..glad I did too..hugs, Lorraine

Nathalie G. said...

I love the colors you chose for your bargello. I should take my notes back from that class.
love what you did, Lorraine


LorraineS said...

Thank you Natalie, it is bright but maybe when I get it machine quilted and put the red binding around it it won't be so much..I am working on the much fabric left over and might make two of these..I have the lessons and just retaking the class so it helps..have to watch what I put into the gallery...and my blog too I think..but I will do what I want..Thank you again..These colors remind me of my summer with all the blooms, sun and hugs, Lorraine
which today was 103..I did not even say hello to my plants growing

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