Monday, July 28, 2008

What's Up

I haven't done much of anything but organizing against my I have been searching for some recipes that I did for skin tones and for the life of me can not find it...So back to the drawing board..probably more fabrics that I do not need but will always find some use for them.
I need pinks and peach tones but did not get it in my dyeing class I am in now..oh well..
I have not done any dyeing at all either..dh did not want that 6 foot long table up so when we took Mom shopping yesterday we stopped by at home depot to buy a 4 foot, with plastic top, very heavy plastic, just hopes it will least we can put it on the deck and worry about the top getting So today it will be dyeing and working on my autumn quilt..
The photo above on the designing wall is so is nothing like it...It is really pretty going together and behind smaller I should get a great photo..
Went through all my spiral binders looking for my recipes..I had them in a journal but then retyped them and put them in spiral binder so I could work with them easier..all of my recipes..So at the same time I just typed all my classes that I have taken at QU and put in Microsoft Word..Now when I sign up for a class I know if I have taken it or not..I am a few classes off and of course can not fine of them..It was great to do it... than it lead to another and now shelving is looks a lot neater
Over the weekend I spent my time in the kitchen in between searching..Dh has a awful week coming up and I wanted to be sure I wasn't cooking late at I made a double batch of lasagna, double batch of spaghetti, baked some chicken breast, two different meals, made a cake and brownies.. all day thing on Saturday..yesterday took some to my sons and they have some time on their hands and just have to warm it up..I will have to cook for I do not eat Italian foods..yuck!!

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