Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Summer fabrics

I like this a lot better, the first blue is a greenish blue and thought is would go great there as it introduces the turquoises.. I am glad this is done...but in making these Bargellos, my stash closet is neat again well, except for the last shelf which has all my fancy fabrics..and I will get to one day, or when it decides to fall on the floor and than I will have no choice..lol
Sis is home and doing good so far, I will call her tonight if she is awake. We finally received our tax money from the govt...sure took long enough..now I can buy some goodies and get a few more classes..I have 3 in mind right now..but have to make a chart to see when they end as I now decided I like doing the class with the teacher..after all a few of the classes that I never got around to doing or half finished, the teachers are no longer there and not obligated to help if they do not want too..so I will do my classes like this..I have my computer class this weekend so do not have to worry sewing..as I take the break from the computer, I can just turn around and get these quilts quilted and also maybe work a little of 2 quilts I want to get done, my son's quilt and my zodiac. I am keeping busy and out of trouble...
I am still a bit, no a lot, nervous with my apt a week from today..I do not want to have anything serious like Lupus..and I still think I do not have it..but
I made a decision also to give my car, a Lumina, to my oldest son, so we will sign it over to him..I will get a new car in October, I know I know, I do not drive, haven't in 3 and half years, but I have tried a few times lately and my eyes did not run. So this is an improvement I have been waiting for...I am thinking of getting a Malibu..with that star thing in it..I made a list that I want in my car..going in and ask them if it have all that I want and if they say no, I will not buy it from them..I realize as I get older, I am tired of just taking what they have only, I am getting what I want, as this probably will be my last car I get..and I want everything in it..lol the comfort of life as the saying goes..now if i could start again on a new home..lol but not so.
Update, just realized I have one to many fabrics I will take out the turquoise next to the green.

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