Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mock up of Christmas fans and coaster finished for Fancy That class

Here is the mock of what my Christmas fans will look like. I can not do any sewing on it till the middle is finished. I am using fabric ribbon for the binding, no borders on this one. It is a square of 42 x 42..a very nice size..I have totally enjoyed working on this one.
Here is the coaster that I tried to copy from is thicker, 1/4, wider and longer by 1/4 also length wise. Just have go back to the designing board and remake them thinner if I want but I do like this size..It is taken on top of the middle of the larger quilt above. I layered that green felt, embossed and very thick, under the pattern and cut out the corners and did zig-zag edges and added the middle with another Christmas is very pretty in person. Click on the photo to get a larger version. Thank you for visiting my blog.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Birthday Package from Sis Mary

I had to update this because I just found out about the backing of the cross-stitch teddy was my initial L done in chicken scratch by sis, and in purple is really beautiful. thank you sis.
An caftan in the back, love the color, Egyptian style print..a small Victorian shoe, I collect shoes..2 pin cushions..on with the fan, class with Nyla Morrison, Fancy That, and a cross-stitch teddy bear "Think Purple" just love it sis...I love it all thank you and did not know you even mailed a package to and hugs, me
We are going to the Memphis Musical Festival tonight. Terrance my youngest is going to take us to dinner to the Chinese Restaurant there and the we will listen to music, walk around and check out the fun..we had a ball last year. this time I am bringing my camera.. Mike has to work so he won't be there..

Friday, August 29, 2008

Correction on Raisins and Gin

I need to correct the gin and raisins..below is the site for is for arthritis and not psoriasis..but going to take anyway..As I have that too...

Finished sewing the 9 and 2 inch wedges-chat

Isn't this so pretty. I did this afternoon. I drew a sketch of what I am going to do in the middle of this not laugh at my bird, it is just a is a cardinal..

Here is the 2 inch wedges..a bit thicker than the coaster Birdie sent back to the drawing
Well today my sis and I turned 60..boy it sure looks old when you see it in writing. lol But we both feel like we still teenagers in our heart and It was just another day for me..I did enjoy working on the Christmas quilt above.
There is another remedy for getting rid of I going to try it, you betcha..
I do not have the exact measurements as dh told me about..yellow raisins, I think about 8. Gin in 3 shot glasses.. You soak the raisins in the gin for 3 days for it to ferment, ...On the 3rd day, you take the raisins out of the first shot glass and eat it...Thank on the 2nd and 3rd day you do the same..the way I see if does not work, the worst that can happen is that I have a hang over the next day...but it is suppose get rid of your psoriasis. We will see this Tuesday I shall have my first bunch of raisins..I sure hope this works..the banana skin is still working by very slowly. I think as I get stress or nervous about something it come back on me...but not ever as thick as it is getting smaller in size and one thing I am for sure happy about it that my elbows are not black looking anymore...that is so embarrassing.
I can not think of any thing else but me just taking a lot of classes and trying to do each and every one this time around..I just signed up for a new class called Ripless Paper Piecing with Dahne Greig...if it what I think it is, I can do this class.. if you care to look at it, it is here..
I bought another Bargello pattern from Ruth Blanchet and it is call "The Flag" it is so pretty and looks like a lot of work but I have done so many maybe it won't be that can view it here: Have a nice tomorrow, I know I will as my dh and I are getting new computers and he will use this one for our camera system we are putting up.
We are going to the Memphis Music Heritage Festival tomorrow night. We had so much fun last year, anyway me and mom did..and this year we won't have Mikes ex there and it was her that wanted to leave early last year..she is a bore to the core..(I can tell you what she only think about but won't go Anyway, plan to take a lot photos..they have live bands and places to look at and buy stuff..Terrance, my youngest son, will buy my dinner at the Chinese Restaurant like last year, they have great food too...if not tomorrow night it will be does not matter as long as I get to go..Have a great tomorrow

Thursday, August 28, 2008

2 inch and 9 inch wedges for Christmas Fancy That class

Here is 25 of my Christmas fabrics in the fan quilt. It will be wall hanging with a "from my home to your home" scene in the middle..with snow all that good stuff, It will have a white background.
These as the 2 inch wedges I cut out with scraps from the above fabrics..they kinda fat but did not have the pattern so I made my own..we will see..It is never to early to make something for Christmas..I am waiting now for Nyla's class Finger Fire Tree Shirt in October..

Received more photos-BC from sis Patti in Fl

Here is Gwendolyn and she is a living doll. She is 15 months old..I can not believe I actually received photographs instead of a digital image..thanks Chris and Tracey...
Her is Katie and Hailey in the background and Gwendolyn in front..they are just think if I drove I could see them more often..but I do not yet..
Birthday fabric card from sis, Patti, in Northport, Fl..she has a message written "between the lines" lol thank you so much, you..

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sissy's Celtic Design on her sweatshirt

Here is Sis, Mary Adkins, Celtic designs on her sweatshirt. I just love them. You did great sis, now how about that satin stitch that you now have to do around

New Machine-Card received and sis Celtic desgins

Well, Let me introduce to my new Memory Craft 6500 Professional Janome Sewing Machine..I haven't touch scares me..I remember when dh got me a new Hawaii. do you know it took two years before I would drive I know I wait that long..just getting my bearing together and actually trying to believe I really have it...we already have a problem I am to short for the knee have never had it so I won't miss it..
This card, coffee and coffee mat, fan technique, is from "Birdy" Carol M from AZ for my birthday..what amazes me is her busy schedule with her dh and what she has to do and thought of sending me a card...Love you and Bless You and thank you oh so much...Lorraine

Finished Blue Sweatshirt for No Bias Celtic Sweatshirt class

I am finally finished with satin stitching all of the hearts for this sweatshirt. Wow, this was a very time consuming project to work on. I had the inside hearts of these in the back but they started falling off and would find them everywhere..the wonder under I did notice was bad..but thought they would stay till I got to I just removed what was there is nothing on the back but the hearts on the bottom hem area..which made it also easier for me to work with. I still have my green on to do...another day. My palms are killing between this I remove the machine quilting on the winter bargello it just bother me so much.
My new Janome machine will be in today sometime so I will be able to use a great machine to do my machine quilting. I got a great price from a dealership in Ms. and also ordered an extra bobbin case..have a great day as I have another class to start with today and already behind.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Kendra Lausterer and friend finally some photos

I finally received some photos, its been so long...Here is my niece and her friend on the lower photo..Kendra is on the left and her friend on the right..Kendra, honey, you have blossom into a pretty woman,,,sorry you ended up with our hair type and not your but it is pretty if I might say so and our color too.. The above photo is not know your friend's name or dog or would have put them to you...Aunt Lorraine

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Green Sweatshirt and Mary A fan pin cushion

I finally found a pattern and fabric that I am very pleased with for my green sweatshirt for No Bias class. Now I have sew two of them..I am going to wait till I get my new sewing machine, Janome 6500, next weekend to finished up machine quilting and appliqueing designs down..I am still playing with the old iron horse and haven't got the tension right decided I can use a break for awhile and the classes can wait..that is why they are online...I might work on the Pacific Aquarium as it is a small quilt. Only a week to I hope they have some good sales..
Isn't this the cutest little pin cushion. Sis, Mary Adkins, made it with her left over from her fan cushions she made..just darling, of course I am getting one in the

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Celtic Sweatshirt designed iron on and sis Fancy That cushion

Here are my front designs ironed on..and below is the back...I got carried away with the left over insides..but I am the one that has to wear not bad though..I still have to sew them

This is Sissy's pillow top for Fancy That with Nyla Morrison's class. It is scrappy with the smaller wedges..with no points...I like the scrappy look very much..great job sis, now on the

Friday, August 22, 2008

Finished quilt Winter 2 in Bargello Seasons

I finished the machine quilting, if you want to call it that..I have done any type of straight quilting in over 3 years..only meandering and boy does it show. I practice on a smaller piece and came out Below is my machine quilting with silver holographic threads....was using blue and silver but did not like the same needle but did not care for the twisted look it had..
Now onto the others a little later, going to soak these palms in hot water and take a short nap..enjoy your Friday evening.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Winter 2 Bargello finished top with borders and binding

Here is one whole quilt top finished but the sewing of the sleeve in the back . When I did hang I thought there was something missing..well there is I forgot to machine quilt the Being that this was quilt as you go..I completely forgot about the borders...Below is the design I will use. I would have like to do a more intricate design but since I have the binding sewn on..It might shrink and it will look just horrible. A simple design like the design in the pattern of the Winter Bargello will work perfect. I reversed the colors of my fabrics from the last with the snowflakes..this will not have anything on it. I also added an extra strip to put closer on the white area on each side.
Here is a close up look of what the design will look like..will do this tomorrow.
Here is what it looked like with half of the strips sewn on as quilt as you go. with a mock of borders and binding. There was a lot of preparation to get it to this and did not like that but the strips were easy to sew..I think and believe I was the only on that did quilt as you go in the class..everyone that sent in their photo omitted the qayg technique, I like to cover all bases when taking a class to learn all I can no matter what endurance I have to go

Monday, August 18, 2008

Sweatshirt mock of Celtic design hearts

I worked on the fusing tracing and cutting today on these hearts..It took quite a bit but less than I I fused about a quarter of a yard on my red fabric..but will use it something creative later on. This is a mock up of what it will look like. I will use black for the satin stitches around the hearts, both colors. I have a green one that I also did the other night into a jacket but teacher wants another contrast color to go with I had for the design. I will do a mock of the fabric and see, because I still think it will work with what I have chosen, but she is the
I have been kinda under the weather today and working a bit slower than normal. lol have a good evening. class is No Bias Celtic Sweatshirt with Ila McCullum from QU.

Fancy That wall hanging top finished

I have finished the top to my wall hanging for Fancy That class with Nyla Morrison..wonderful teacher, in fact I haven't meet one that was not.. I added some fibers that match the fans and also gold..I just did not like the solid green in the middle, to me it looked like a it doesn't ..Added green borders and more fuchsia binding..the binding really just brought all together..I will quilt by stitch in the ditch between the fan blades..and do some meandering on the outside. I might use some hot pink holographic thread..not sure yet. This makes 8 quilts to machine quilt..they are piling up on me..and I still have 5 classes to go and more than one per class..I have been busy since I came back full force again at QU in May..a lot of sewing and learning..Not ready to stop Why not join me in some of the classes at check out there classes they have just might like something or want to try...just a happy customer..

Sunday, August 17, 2008

2nd sweatshirt for class and batick fabric

My teach says to watch how I cut the very first one and making sure I keep towards the same color..That would be a lot of waste so did ask for advice on a second choice of cords..This is the 2nd choice of sweatshirt..the front batik is a bit darker that shown here and I think if it is done right it will be an awesome jacket..I love these batiks that I bought a few months ago on sale and now have a reason to used them..I have lots of them. lol if they go on sale again I will try and buy a yard of all of I haven't seen these online..yet..
This is all that I have done so far. Now will go and finished Fancy That, the sun one, lol Hope I can do it justice..Have a great afternoon.
Decided to take Carol Miller's Investigation...about making vest to fit here I go and sign far I am doing keeping up with the

Sweatshirt for No Bias Celtic class

I signed up this class this afternoon and also for my sister..Mary Adkins..she loves it and has never done machine applique..she will love it when she tried it.
I am making 2 sweatshirts like jackets..they are two sizes to big for me this way I can wear it over other clothing. It is a navy blue.
This is the first one with the fabric I choose for the cords, bias, Celtic are suppose to choose 4 different color fabrics but believe I won't need it with this beautiful batik..
I am now working on my navy blue and like the green another batik will be used..
My son came over tonight as he does every night..and saw my fans on the designing wall and he liked my "sun" quilt a lot..I had pinned the golden yellow circle in the middle..well, I kept asking does it look like the sun..well..when I changed the middle to a dark green, he said it looked a lot better..He said he just did not what it was..told him I will send a mock up as I await for an answer from Nyla tomorrow..reason I got these sweatshirts done. I am working on the greens but so many of them. I have all the two's done we go to 4's..8's and than add one of each that you do not have the same color next to each other..learning a lot...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fancy That sewn fans fuchsia background and chat

Here are my second units of wedges that are now fans. I put a hand dyed fabric color of fuchsia as the background. I have a hand dyed dark pink in the circle area but after taking the photo and viewing it, I will go for a golden yellow and it will pop the fans out better I think anyway, it may not look good, do not know till I try..I am now working of the green ones and put them on a table cloth that I have and make a table runner, as not sure if I have enough and I used all that I had it all the fans color runs..I am using up my stash but still looks like I have enough for 3 people's
I have signed up for another class, No Bias Celtic Sweatshirt. I love Celtic work. Like to wear sweatshirts doing the winter but mine are just plain nothing on them..They are bigger on me now so make jackets out of them.. I have been looking at and it started this week. Bought the class for sis for an extra early birthday gift..end of this month, but with the Wave class I thought it would be to much..well, not excited about it and haven't even started it...It is a repletion of all of her classes combined that I have taken..but will wait to do the last two lessons..I have drawn my own waves so I might do that..I do not like doing small quilts, and tried to enlarge it and my software was corrupted so had to order another one..maybe that is why I was discouraged...but I am.. I haven't done any art quilt from classes as there were none left and have done my own thing in the last 3 and on with life happening around here..
None of my software was loaded and I have had this computer going on 4 years in Dec..My Corel Draw 12, EQ5 and Photo Explosion and Family Tree now will do that when we get our new computers, better than ever..I am also getting my dream come true sewing machine...Janome 6500 I have heard of the newer one Janome 6600 but not sure as I have not heard much people chat about it..I might get a new serger, a computer one..I think do not know for I do not use it much..but would if I did not have use a template for the roll hem it is an old machine but in ' a HOME model..we will see..have a nice evening!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Lorraine's Patches with mock binding

I scrapped enough of the light purple to make the mock binding..this will be sandwich and than put it with the rest that needs to be machine 8 I better get started with some of them or it will be over whelming..
I can not get over that I have actually finished tops for these classes but this is something I enjoy doing..I enjoy this part more then the very ending..the binding and sleeve..sorry I just do not enjoy doing anything by hand..I have to stopped to many times with the pains I get in the middle of my joy in if any of you have a way to sew a binding on from the front and back and making it very neat...please let me know..I do not like fusing the binding and I know how to do this..have a great day tomorrow.

Lorraine's Patches and her fish

Here 3 fish I worked on last night..we make and collect them so they will be ready after all the good stuff is in the is seaweed, which I plan to do some different ways like Ruth has but some of my own too...
Her it is, Lorraine's Patches!" I just finished it about a half hour ago. It is not perfect but my first patchwork I have made..I love these colors not sure what I will use for the binding, I am thinking lime green or purple..can not be any of those in the quilt as they are gone and no more left in WalMart..I usually do not buy this type of fabrics there, usually novelty ones..but could not resist the purple theme that is what gets for not buying extras..Now I will go take a nap for an hour and then work on the seaweed before our classes come up about 6pm my time..which is central time..and check out the new classes, I sure there is something there for me to

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Winter and Autumn Bargellos with added appliques

Here it the winter bargello with the sewn in snowflakes and puff pen snowflakes. I knew I had to do this as there was something missing to me, son and Took awhile to cut them out and than to sew the snowflakes..but I have always love paper dolls so it was not all that bad..
I have also added these larger leaves on my autumn as the smaller one seem to swallowed up the quilt..These are fabrics with glitter paint...looks really good too, I love glitter. I tried satin stitching and did not the look of the middle being puff up with the veins sewn too. Than I just just stitch the vein lines and now it looks like they are flowing in the it..
Here is a close up of the leaves..
Had to clean today because we were expecting company..I do not like that word anymore..I remember when the boys growing I use to love to do housework, cook, bake and so forth..not I am having trouble with my main machine so not sure if I will be able to machine quilt these two quilts. but I will not give up, I was just to tired to keep on playing with it last night.
I can say goodbye to these cheaper machines as I am getting the Janome 6500 in a couple of weeks..I can not wait..I have wanted one of these for over 4 I will. What will I do withe the other 4 machines..keep them of I still have that Futura that I have to sit down one day and just practice on it..just haven't given it any have a great day tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mock up with snow on Winter Bargello

Here is a photo of snow that is just pinned on the quilt. I tried wonder under and it look horrible so now I have to cut these out and sew them on. Cutting is going to be the pitts..but sewing will be fun. What do you think?

Winter Bargello-Pacific-Fancy That tops

Here is a mock up of my Winter Bargello top with purple for the inner borders, deep purple for the outer border and white for the binding. Now this is my colors and love the soothing effects it has on me..
Pacific Aquarium top done and ready to embellish..tomorrow..There was not much room for it on the designing board so of course I cropped it was really
This is a mock of what my fan wedges will look like on a light, very light, yellow fancy has little bumps on The middle I will use the darker fabric..
Now on to my patchwork and get it into looking like a small quilt from my class Starting from Scratch..not much but I love that I finally made a

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bargello Winter and Pacific and Hosta Blooms

Winter Bargello top finished. This is cropped. Now I need to find the right border..I will use two. One smaller one and than a larger one...
This is a tiny Bargello representing waves. the top and bottom get chopped off and than add more to make it even. this will come tomorrow. Then for the fun part, embellishing with fish, fiber and etc.
This is my hosta bloom. this year I have abundance of hostas...
Hosta plant on south side. You can see the bugs got ahold of is about 3 feet tall. I have had it for about 6 bluish one died last year, now that is a pretty one..never did see it bloom.

Check Ruth Blanchet's blog she has a video
Ruth Blanchet, one of the teachers at has a video on free motion quilting. It is so good and love her accent...Ruth is from New if any of you are wanting to try this, visit her blog and watch it, it might help some...She told me was going to be putting more on there for different techniques in quilting. It is great Ruth, hugs, Lorraine

Here are some snowflake sites to play with

I asked for some help in finding me a snowflake design in the SL at QU and got a nice response.. got these urls to make and play
Here is a site that our dean Carol Miller sent in and it is a great site to look through and read about quilting. I found it very informative
I should have photos for my little quilt background for Pacific Aquarium and it is bargello and a small on at that!! and half way done with my winter bargello.
Foot is wrapped and now wearing a shoe that I have had for over 15 when I had foot surgery..and it does not you bend at all. What I remember about this shoe that it cost my insurance company at that time $25 for it so I kept it, just in now I can sew and not hurt..but what a bummer to walk around in.
My brother goes in for his triple by pass tomorrow..please keep him in your prayers..hugs, Lorraine

Monday, August 11, 2008

Another set done for Fancy That

Well, I cut out another 160 of these two fabrics..Now this makes me cheery to I love lime green but the green I used before this set is not lime green it is a yellow green and I was sick of looking at I just did another and i am thinking of doing another..set in purples and What do you all think?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Winter Bargello with fractures

Here is my winter Bargello with the blue fractures..I tried every color of fabric in the quilt top and some that are not and this is the best I thought..It blended nicely and says winter to me..

Winter Bargello and Fancy That on wall

This is the way it should have been displayes instead of the bottom photo..tried to delete it but it won' now it looks like fans and not
I finished putting this together this morning and I just love it..I am doing two of these to learn..One with fracture strips and on as she does in class.
I have half of these done in the pointed part for this lesson.Now I wait for lesson 2..I will do the other half while watching the Olympics...Did any one see the opening ceremony, it was just wonderful and loved every minute of it.

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