Thursday, August 7, 2008

Winter fabric sewn for Bargello Winter

I have finished sewing my winter fabrics for two of them..One will have fractures and one will be what is required to do in class. quilt as you go. They are in tubes and now have to cut them into different sizes and start putting them on the designing wall..and sew I am loving it and I have started to design one for me..but since I do not use EQ5 or 6, it will be on graph and maybe one of my other software can help.
I am taking Fancy That with Nyla Morrison. It starts on Sat but will be able to get the first lesson tomorrow night. Also retaking another class.
Next week I start Waves and Waterfalls with Linda Schmidt..this one does or will not stress me my type of and
My brother is going to have his tripe by pass surgery on August 13th, next week. I am not able to go down there..

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