Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fancy That sewn fans fuchsia background and chat

Here are my second units of wedges that are now fans. I put a hand dyed fabric color of fuchsia as the background. I have a hand dyed dark pink in the circle area but after taking the photo and viewing it, I will go for a golden yellow and it will pop the fans out better I think anyway, it may not look good, do not know till I try..I am now working of the green ones and put them on a table cloth that I have and make a table runner, as not sure if I have enough and I used all that I had it all the fans color runs..I am using up my stash but still looks like I have enough for 3 people's
I have signed up for another class, No Bias Celtic Sweatshirt. I love Celtic work. Like to wear sweatshirts doing the winter but mine are just plain nothing on them..They are bigger on me now so make jackets out of them.. I have been looking at and it started this week. Bought the class for sis for an extra early birthday gift..end of this month, but with the Wave class I thought it would be to much..well, not excited about it and haven't even started it...It is a repletion of all of her classes combined that I have taken..but will wait to do the last two lessons..I have drawn my own waves so I might do that..I do not like doing small quilts, and tried to enlarge it and my software was corrupted so had to order another one..maybe that is why I was discouraged...but I am.. I haven't done any art quilt from classes as there were none left and have done my own thing in the last 3 and on with life happening around here..
None of my software was loaded and I have had this computer going on 4 years in Dec..My Corel Draw 12, EQ5 and Photo Explosion and Family Tree now will do that when we get our new computers, better than ever..I am also getting my dream come true sewing machine...Janome 6500 I have heard of the newer one Janome 6600 but not sure as I have not heard much people chat about it..I might get a new serger, a computer one..I think do not know for I do not use it much..but would if I did not have use a template for the roll hem it is an old machine but in ' a HOME model..we will see..have a nice evening!

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