Friday, August 29, 2008

Finished sewing the 9 and 2 inch wedges-chat

Isn't this so pretty. I did this afternoon. I drew a sketch of what I am going to do in the middle of this not laugh at my bird, it is just a is a cardinal..

Here is the 2 inch wedges..a bit thicker than the coaster Birdie sent back to the drawing
Well today my sis and I turned 60..boy it sure looks old when you see it in writing. lol But we both feel like we still teenagers in our heart and It was just another day for me..I did enjoy working on the Christmas quilt above.
There is another remedy for getting rid of I going to try it, you betcha..
I do not have the exact measurements as dh told me about..yellow raisins, I think about 8. Gin in 3 shot glasses.. You soak the raisins in the gin for 3 days for it to ferment, ...On the 3rd day, you take the raisins out of the first shot glass and eat it...Thank on the 2nd and 3rd day you do the same..the way I see if does not work, the worst that can happen is that I have a hang over the next day...but it is suppose get rid of your psoriasis. We will see this Tuesday I shall have my first bunch of raisins..I sure hope this works..the banana skin is still working by very slowly. I think as I get stress or nervous about something it come back on me...but not ever as thick as it is getting smaller in size and one thing I am for sure happy about it that my elbows are not black looking anymore...that is so embarrassing.
I can not think of any thing else but me just taking a lot of classes and trying to do each and every one this time around..I just signed up for a new class called Ripless Paper Piecing with Dahne Greig...if it what I think it is, I can do this class.. if you care to look at it, it is here..
I bought another Bargello pattern from Ruth Blanchet and it is call "The Flag" it is so pretty and looks like a lot of work but I have done so many maybe it won't be that can view it here: Have a nice tomorrow, I know I will as my dh and I are getting new computers and he will use this one for our camera system we are putting up.
We are going to the Memphis Music Heritage Festival tomorrow night. We had so much fun last year, anyway me and mom did..and this year we won't have Mikes ex there and it was her that wanted to leave early last year..she is a bore to the core..(I can tell you what she only think about but won't go Anyway, plan to take a lot photos..they have live bands and places to look at and buy stuff..Terrance, my youngest son, will buy my dinner at the Chinese Restaurant like last year, they have great food too...if not tomorrow night it will be does not matter as long as I get to go..Have a great tomorrow

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