Saturday, August 2, 2008

My UFOs Unfinished quilts so far

These two photos shows the quilts that I have done in the past and never did finished. My goal is to finished all of these. In case you can not read the printed area of the photos, here is what they are: top: left to right: My son's Viewpoints quilt, Fireworks, which needs some fireworks..I have a sample but did not finish it either..Blue Bread Fruit needs to be hand appliqued..and finished
Second row: Another bread fruit also needs to hand appliqued and finished. 3rd bread fruit, needs to be hand quilted but will try to do it by machine. Baltimore Basic, needs to be hand quilted but also will try and do justice to it by machine quilting it..Bottom row, Hand Applique tulips, needs to hand quilted also machine quilting.

top A practice piece for hand applique, needs to quilted, Treasure Boxes, Oriental Children, machine quilted. Quilt as you go, put together as the name suggest. Bottom: My unicorn panel-needs embellishments and than quilted, Silk Reticule, red velvet purse, needs handles more red velvet and need to get hand dyed crushed red velvet does not match..My 2nd quilt before QU a Memory Quilt for my Dad, have all the photos and just to sew them is bed size quilt..right after I made Fr. Rick's memory quilt..Perfume Bottles, sister Mary Adkins made need to be machine quilted..Now I can also add all that I have made in the last few months to my list..I have 4 Bargellos to machine quilt..after they are all machine quilted I still need to put the binding on all of them..and some will add beading to them..going to take some time..I also have a Christmas quilt but it was to large to get on my designing board..also the diamond novelty quilt top I did last far this is all that is put together..I have classes that are still in pieces and never been sewn..about 5 on my designing wall in this studio..I will get to them later and add to this posting..This is like a visual journal for me..maybe I will get to them..I also have about 2 dozen designs on poster boards, on cloth and so on that needs to started...these will have to wait..some are very intense..and a lot of work, especially the ones that I designed.

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