Friday, August 15, 2008

Lorraine's Patches and her fish

Here 3 fish I worked on last night..we make and collect them so they will be ready after all the good stuff is in the is seaweed, which I plan to do some different ways like Ruth has but some of my own too...
Her it is, Lorraine's Patches!" I just finished it about a half hour ago. It is not perfect but my first patchwork I have made..I love these colors not sure what I will use for the binding, I am thinking lime green or purple..can not be any of those in the quilt as they are gone and no more left in WalMart..I usually do not buy this type of fabrics there, usually novelty ones..but could not resist the purple theme that is what gets for not buying extras..Now I will go take a nap for an hour and then work on the seaweed before our classes come up about 6pm my time..which is central time..and check out the new classes, I sure there is something there for me to

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