Sunday, August 17, 2008

2nd sweatshirt for class and batick fabric

My teach says to watch how I cut the very first one and making sure I keep towards the same color..That would be a lot of waste so did ask for advice on a second choice of cords..This is the 2nd choice of sweatshirt..the front batik is a bit darker that shown here and I think if it is done right it will be an awesome jacket..I love these batiks that I bought a few months ago on sale and now have a reason to used them..I have lots of them. lol if they go on sale again I will try and buy a yard of all of I haven't seen these online..yet..
This is all that I have done so far. Now will go and finished Fancy That, the sun one, lol Hope I can do it justice..Have a great afternoon.
Decided to take Carol Miller's Investigation...about making vest to fit here I go and sign far I am doing keeping up with the

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