Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Finished Blue Sweatshirt for No Bias Celtic Sweatshirt class

I am finally finished with satin stitching all of the hearts for this sweatshirt. Wow, this was a very time consuming project to work on. I had the inside hearts of these in the back but they started falling off and would find them everywhere..the wonder under I did notice was bad..but thought they would stay till I got to I just removed what was there is nothing on the back but the hearts on the bottom hem area..which made it also easier for me to work with. I still have my green on to do...another day. My palms are killing between this I remove the machine quilting on the winter bargello it just bother me so much.
My new Janome machine will be in today sometime so I will be able to use a great machine to do my machine quilting. I got a great price from a dealership in Ms. and also ordered an extra bobbin case..have a great day as I have another class to start with today and already behind.

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