Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sweatshirt for No Bias Celtic class

I signed up this class this afternoon and also for my sister..Mary Adkins..she loves it and has never done machine applique..she will love it when she tried it.
I am making 2 sweatshirts like jackets..they are two sizes to big for me this way I can wear it over other clothing. It is a navy blue.
This is the first one with the fabric I choose for the cords, bias, Celtic are suppose to choose 4 different color fabrics but believe I won't need it with this beautiful batik..
I am now working on my navy blue and like the green another batik will be used..
My son came over tonight as he does every night..and saw my fans on the designing wall and he liked my "sun" quilt a lot..I had pinned the golden yellow circle in the middle..well, I kept asking does it look like the sun..well..when I changed the middle to a dark green, he said it looked a lot better..He said he just did not what it was..told him I will send a mock up as I await for an answer from Nyla tomorrow..reason I got these sweatshirts done. I am working on the greens but so many of them. I have all the two's done we go to 4's..8's and than add one of each that you do not have the same color next to each other..learning a lot...

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