Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mock up of Christmas fans and coaster finished for Fancy That class

Here is the mock of what my Christmas fans will look like. I can not do any sewing on it till the middle is finished. I am using fabric ribbon for the binding, no borders on this one. It is a square of 42 x 42..a very nice size..I have totally enjoyed working on this one.
Here is the coaster that I tried to copy from is thicker, 1/4, wider and longer by 1/4 also length wise. Just have go back to the designing board and remake them thinner if I want but I do like this size..It is taken on top of the middle of the larger quilt above. I layered that green felt, embossed and very thick, under the pattern and cut out the corners and did zig-zag edges and added the middle with another Christmas is very pretty in person. Click on the photo to get a larger version. Thank you for visiting my blog.

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