Monday, September 1, 2008

My brother's bathroom being remodeled due to mold

These photos are from my brother's Don bathroom being remodeled. They bought the home not knowing it had a mold problem. I was told that in Indiana, a lot of the older homes do some some mold..Their bathroom was loaded as you can see in the first two photos.. Mold can cause some serious damage to one's lungs. Also keep a cold from getting better. I have read up about is something I am glad I do not have..I know because we removed our tile area and put the laminated preform thing... and love it..the tile was not taking care of by the previous owner and was so hard to keep up with. I am so glad you all have done this..Don and Kathy, you air in home is so much better, I bet.. These are photos of what my brother, Don, found on a field somewhere, you can read where in the quote I pasted with the photos..from Kathy..Kathy, I would love it too and it is so pretty with your roses..wonderful fine you all. Sorry for the misspell words in your spell checker said they were all right..little does it know they are Please if you want to view a larger photo, just click on the photo and another window will come up with a larger photo...thank you for viewing my blog.

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