Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Finished middle section and sewn down fans

Here it is and I think the golden leaves and berries did much for this quilt. Everything is done on it..the windows are there, smoke out of the chimney and I could not remove my name on the mail box, the stitching was so tiny, not one of my seam ripper could get it out nor none of my sharp embroidery scissors either..so what I did was go over it with gold metallic..it is okay but next time I will know to use a lighter thread!! What do you think? I have sewn the outer points with a decorative stitch..we iron the seams open and knew I did not want to do a stitch in the ditch..now I am saving the middle part for quilting. I will add a backing fabric and do the quilting..but I have to square it and add the four corners to it..but to me the hard part is done..a lot of work for a 9 inch circle..now if it wasn't a Christmas quilt, it would have never been done...but I am one who loves to decorate at Christmas and go way out.
A closer look at the holly leaves and berries.
A closer look at the scene itself. I added more snow to the ends of the berries and leaves on the bottom part..Thank you for viewing my blog and leaving comments....like every one else I love receiving comments. hugs, Lorraine
I am having serious problems on my computer so if you do not see me here for the next couple of days you will know why..but please keep on checking..


Ruby said...

Lorraine,love it ,love it!! I probably mentioned that I don't paint,so I never would have dreamed up that center. It looks great and I have enjoyed watching your progress.

LorraineS said...

Hi Ruby, so glad you do..they only thing I painted was the sky and the white on the cellophane and tyvek...rest is fabric and sewn on..thank you for you expression...I can hear it way over here in Memphis..lol..I haven't done a thing in 2 days..I went off all those pain pills, sleeping pill and muscle relaxer and am afraid it is playing havoc on my body..I think they call it detoxing..lol I am much better today. yesterday was very depressed and it scared me a bit..but fine today..lol Yes, all the pain is back but going to deal with it without all those drugs..gosh I do believe I was getting hooked on them..lots of hugs to you, Lorraine

Anne said...

It's adorable Lorraine!

LorraineS said...

Thank you Anne..lots of hugs, Lorraine
How are you doing in Bargello Blues? I haven't even started on any cutting yet..too much to do, not enough time in a day!!

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