Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Trouble shooting on moy values for my vest

I had planned on using four values in this vest...but pulled out the deep turquoise..when I did the light purple, dark purple and print..I just was not sure if it looks I did the light purple, print and than the dark purple...what do you all think? leave me a comment...this is something I am going to be wearing..need to get this vest done so I can get on the next..Carol Miller, dean of QU, is the teacher and her next one is something I love to do...couch yarns and stitches on to we will be doing scrunching, if you haven't done this, you do not what fun you are missing, tucks, and help me decide...thank you for viewing my blog..


Marilyn said...

I think the problem is with the purple piece. I see more turquoise in the print than I do purple.
You might try putting the turquoise back in and leaving the purple out. I like the left version best because the middle print is where the colours flow from.
Marilyn C. Gananoque

Anne said...

Out of the two pictures I like the one on the right the best. Marilyn said it when she says that there is more teal in the batik than purple. :) I too would like to see the teal in and the purple out. :)


Anne said...

actually, as I stare at it more, try taking out the lavendar and putting the teal in. Try it with the batik in the middle and the dark purple on top and the teal on the bottom. I use the work teal vs. turquoise cause teal is easier to type! :)

Hugs to you,

Ruby said...

Hi, Lorraine, are you restricted to only 3 fabrics. ? I'd use more. I like the selection on left with the purple on the bottom.

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