Saturday, September 20, 2008

Finished middle section and added holly leaves

I finished my middle section..till I just noticed that my home is missing a window and smoke..easy to be fixed..I am putting holly leaves around the scene so the white edges doesn't show. I have to sew down the scene and than iron on the holly leaves and than I can finish this quilt for Nyla Morrison's Fancy That class. Below is a close up.
I used Tyvek, cellophane, sheer fabric for my snow..using while rayon thread so it has a sheen to it. I might add around the holly leaves some pine all depends..I think I have put enough time into this quilt already..what do you think about the holly leaves...


Ruby said...

hello, Lorraine, that's what you meant by holly leaves. Couldn't figure it out! Great idea. The middle has really come out. I could not visualize the finish from your sketch. I love it now that I see the completed(almost) project

LorraineS said...

Hi Ruby, now for the second time..I forgot to post the other posting..
yes, one can never really visualize someone else's sketch as it is there and they know what they had in mine..I think sketches are sketches because you are never really finished or for sure that you are going to do what you sketch..I am always to do it too..
Thank you so much you are a doll..and glad you like it.
right now I am satin stitching gold metallic thread on the holly leaves and boy that sure is bringing out the quilt. I think I am going to do the fan wedges the same way with gold metallic..I have about 1/4 done right now...lots of hugs, Lorraine
Thank you for visiting my blog..and posting.

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