Wednesday, September 24, 2008

4 Waterfalls photos one of Kauai and 3 of the same falls in Indiana

To see a better photo of the falls, please click on the photo and you see a larger version.
I had to end doing this in my Print Master which I really do not mind...takes up less space.
The top right photo is a photo I took on the island of that time I had a system to tell where it was taken..on the back it says #3 so till I find this paper work..I do not remember the falls name as there where so many on Kauai all of them beautiful..I had one of the big island and I do know the name but could not find it..but that is not the one I had chosen as it was really far way on the opposite site of the walls.. on of the big island's fall.
The next 3 photos is from my brother, Donald Lausterer of the same falls, sorry I have the name some where and will give it's name as soon as I find the the top right looks like it might have been during fall before winter and closer look at it. One on the lower left is during the summer, my favorite one..the lower right is the same falls but frozen..I would love to do this in a an art quilt..but there would not be much color to it..the only way I think I could do it is to have different white fabrics, sheers and so on...The one I am going to do for this class end up being the one on is a closer view. Thank you Donny and Kathy for sending them to me..I will end doing your falls one it is pretty too.

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