Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Friday, November 18, 2011

TuTu spends day with Lil Sophie Sue

Sophie was so wide awake so mommy decided to give her a bath, first she had her fingernails clipped..can you believe it they have lights on the nail clippers..would have been nice when mine were little..Isn't she a cutie pie..I crop this one..
After her bath and close up

Mommy got her all dressed up after her bath..she doesn't like her hair and face washed, mine did not either..lol

Mommy holding Sophie while she is sleeping..

Just want you all to know I drove myself there all by myself..I was so proud and knew I could do it ..now I can drive..my new car is not like the Lumina-sp, this one when you take your foot off the pedal it slows down where as with the Lumina the speed stayed the same..so I was a little nervous about that but otherwise..did great...

Have a great day and a great weekend..I am going to start cooking for Thanksgiving and put in the freezer, as I can't do it in one day anymore..too much for my bod to deal with..We will spend it with Terrance, Kim and Lil Sophie Sue..Mom and Mike just getting over what they think was the flu will not come..afraid for our little one..which is fine with me..but won't be the same..

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Puff paint on Christmas card-yarn and chimes from sister

I have glitter and puff paint on these cards and they look so real..had fun doing them. Going to put a few beads, sew some yard that look like leaves around the scene and sides and walla they are done..

Beautiful yarn for my fingerless gloves mochi plus.

My birthday present from sissy Mary Dolphin chimes..I have chimes all types around my home, love them and I love these, they sparkle and hanging in front of my sliding glass doors, thank you sis..hugs, Lorraine

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Playing aroun with my Husky Star embellisher all kinds of goodie

I played around with different types of fabric with this post card, a bit smaller for what I really wanted to do..I have tulle, silk ribbon, blue, funky yarn, and wool roving over some leaves... Wanted to add silk paper i made, some piece of dollies..but not enough room so now comes the stitching and beading..I am making another one..with fabric, and I will add the above that I did not on this.. I have the Christmas card put together and just have to finished them out..no machine on these..I am going to use some glitter, love it for Christmas cards..and beading..it will give me something to do in the evening..have a great day, hugs, Lorraine

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Christmas fabric post card fabric and Mary's purse ready to be felted

I have already cut about 5 for pc..this year..getting in the mood for cards

Mary knitting purse ready to be felted when I get her icord done and attached..

Photos of Sophie

Tutu holding Lil Sophie tonight ohhhhhhh what a cutie, she has some great lungs...lol

Mommy with Sophie and showing off what I Sophie, isn't it just the cutest outfit.. she should be able to wear in Jan or Feb maybe..but it will there when she can..
If you can't see it, it has a hoodie..lol

Granpa taking a peek at Sophie.

Daddy with Sophie, last week

Mommy with Sophie, last week..

Friday, November 11, 2011

What's in the horizon for me

I love this little bag, only one skein and have a whole book of different styles to make..as you all can guess I love purses..I have many I have paid a pretty penny for but hardly use them, made a bunch of felted bags a few years ago but never kept one for myself..so far I have knitted 5 and one almost done...none of them have been felted..what I like about the one skein bags, they do not have to be felted..once you are done knitting them you can use them right away..I am hoping to sell a couple..

New pattern from Ruth Blanchet..she will have a class on it so I know I will sign up for these..These bargellos looks wonderful on a wall..have to make it..lol

This is Mary's my twins purse I am doing right now...should have been done with it, but being an artist and such, when it comes to orange...I am not a happy camper working with this color..I added pumpkin fun fur to help it along for me..lol this is the first one I had to start from the top and knit to the bottom..will have it done by next week sometime..the other purses are all in a washing bag ready to be felted..

Oh how I want to stop every thing I am working on and make this cute dragon...for who, I have the foggiest idea but maybe I will wear it..lol isn't it darling..

Right now after taken a really bad fall the other night..on my knees first, than my chest and my face in the ground..I tripped over my black wrought iron flamingo that had fallen and did not see it, it scraped my ankle up my cafe pretty good..I did not get up as I was waiting for dh to help me up but he did not..and those awful pit bulls were growling and barking and I just know one day they are going to be in my yard chewing me up...so I got up as fast as I could..the pain started right away from my chest in front and was going to my back and up my shoulders..and it hurt so bad I did cry for little bit..I have never had heart burn really bad but I thought is was that and realized it was not..I thought I broke a few ribs..but I did not..had a hard time breathing..took my pressure and it was 220/110 and I should have went to emergency but dh would not take me..so I am still suffering with the shoulder pain..from my chest but not as bad..haven't done anything but knit here and there..When my Dr's office the next day to give me a date for a referral to another dr..I told the nurse what was going on and she told me that I should have gone in to emergency with my pressure that high...we are worried about my pressure as it has been running high, both Dr Floyd and my heart specialist, Dr Gordon..but that is my dh..

So today or what is left I would love to change what I am doing and do something else...but gotta finish what I have started..to think, I have a baby diaper stacker to finish, about an hour left, my sister's orange bag, cut up more appliques for Lil Liam's quilt, make a fb post card that I am really late but she gave me more time..that will be the first thing I will do..I need to make my Christmas placemats and napkins before the holiday is here and gone..so that is a lot but as far as the time to do them is not bad..if I could just work like I did many years ago..in fact I take a look at this blog and see some of the stuff I have made and really can not believe I made them..I told myself not to go there, sounds like a person losing one's confidence..and I don't want to do that..where is my muse, lol lol have a great day all and weekend..dh just came home from having his gums and bones on the bottom scraped and cut to fit dentures in Jan..yuck..we both will be in bed soon..I take my nap about or between 1-3pm in the afternoon..hugs, Lorraine

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Yarn came in today

Teal, this will one I make for sale..

this is for sissy, Mary.

This for my first lace shawl..

I am going to buy some wool yarn I can dye..but will wait till all projects are done..I have plenty of time..I hate to rush and that is how I use to do everything..the more I had and stress out I was I did better, I guess older and having to deal with pain, is what is getting in my way..lol hugs, Lorraine

ps..hope to have photos of me and Sophie by the weekend..

Monday, October 31, 2011

Qults mom made and a quilt I will make for great nephew

My mom made this as a surprise for me in May of 2009..I have not used it yet as not sure if I wanted to give to my first granddaughter as I have another one made for her but not the 3 princess one.. this is a close up..I had asked her when she showed me when she had it basted, boy I was surprised..and chose a metallic gold thread she quilted by hand and she did have trouble but I think she did great..I love my quilt!! Also been saving up anything and everything to do with the 3 Princesses but mostly Cinderella when I can just find her..lol the little girl in me.

Here it is finished..May 10, 2009..from my mom to me..

I did buy fabric for my first granddaughters quilt in 2008 when mom was busy making the "Dutch Girl" and she did not want anything to do with Sue Bonnet Sue..I had some really old quilting books and also looked online and she wanted this one..called "The Dutch Girl" I also bought extras so she could make it larger for a twin bed for those colder nights..lol..Mine is a bit different that the others..I bought most of the fabrics for the quilts mom made..not any more..she still has Jensen and Jason's to make..she's been waiting for me to fix her machine but I haven't because she get weak but I think I will now as she does need to do something.. Sorry the photos are from me hanging them on my designing wall in Studio 2 and it was hard with back and knee problems but could not get dh to help me last night..but no matter how it hangs it is beautiful..I will give it to Sophie when she is ready to go into her bed..it is wrapped properly and in my closet.

Here is the full quilt hanging the best I could on my own..if dh is willing to help I can remove this one later on and put up a better one, but I do not think it is needed..as you can see the beauty of it..just click on all the photos to make it larger..mom quilts her quilts by hand and appliques the blanket stitch around every piece of the Dutch Girl.

I am going to make this quilt for great nephew who is due in March of next year... would have loved to have made it for Sophie but they had that room the way they wanted it and nothing else..so I did not bother too..yes I bought the slashing fabric the rest I will use my tons of fabrics that I have already..It is from Ruth Blanchet's site Arbee's Designs by a designer name Jennifer Houlden. I will make it to fit a twin size bed also so will make it to accommodate the size..Another beauty..hugs and have a nice week..Lorraine

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Photos of Sophie

Mommy and Daddy with Sophie

Close up of Sophie with pacier

Another view of Sophie

Daddy feeding Sophie yesterday, Oct 29, 2011.

3 generation of Terrance, me and lil Sophie..on the 23 of Oct...it was so nice of the nurse that took this photo.. I will visit her tonight and she doesn't have much on her now so she might be coming home in the middle of the week..sure hope so..hugs, Lorraine

Friday, October 28, 2011

How about a hot pink purse

This is for younger sister..it is on the smaller size purses and so easy to do for now anyway..haven't' done the next steps, always learning something knew...and love it too..
Did not get to see my little one again as dh had to work late and won't tomorrow as he has to work and no one to pick me up and take me..oh well..I will on Sunday..hugs and have a nice weekend..Lorraine

Pink Pumpkins-fabrics-ballons miscellaneous stuff

Finally got them outside..Support Breast Cancer month and Happy Halloween!

One my mailbox..lol

Autumn leaves new fabric for pc..

New fabric for place mats and napkins for my dining room table this year.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Almost done and still have the cap to do

I should be done with this by the end of the weekend and than I can start the cap. I sew the body and sleeves together after it is finished knitted, which to me in not important, been tempted a few times..I usually have 3 knitted items to knit..and also other things to do in between. This one hurts my tendinitis on my thumbs and wrist..so I go to larger needle items and it does not hurt as bad...so I can get a lot done. Since I am almost to the point of putting my red purse in the washer machine, I started my lit sister's purse...hot pink with metal handles..have to still find them online...my lavender purse will have to wait till I can find d rings with clamps before I can finished that one or make a handle with the yarn instead..not in the hurry to make that decision yet. going to eat a small and late lunch and take a nap..could not sleep to well worrying about my dil..hugs, Lorraine

Friday, October 7, 2011

WOW Don was it delicious!!

My sister in law Kathy had this photo of my brother Don with his fish he caught..boy it looks good..sorry Don I am not good as what type fish looks like..was it is..lol love you so much and miss you..love to all Lorraine

Diaper Stacker pattern/Dr appts

These are the fabrics I choose to see what color I will add the initial S on the top of the diaper stacker..The fabric above will be on the bottom about 12 and on the top. the middle will be white..

This is the pattern finally found one I wanted..I made mine for both of my sons, one is going to be 40 in dec..lol..

Tomorrow I will be going to my last dietitian apt..could not make it for the last month.

Went to the Dr on wed..first one was my eye specialist and well, you won't believe it because I am still having problem believing it..I have a mold in my right eye...when he told me, the first thing that came to mind, dahhhhhhhh, was the mold we get in the bathrooms..lol than of course I realized he was talking about molds on our body to make sure I understood him I kept pointing to all of them on my arms, and few on my face..we have to keep an eye on it to make sure it does not grow..it could become something else.. Went and had my ultra sound that afternoon and I think I might be OK because she kept on saying oh that's good..she check my left, right kidneys, my bladder and under my belly..so a lot of photos was done..she told if it was serious my Dr would call..well I did not get a call so I feel pretty good..Have a great weekend..hugs to all..Lorraine

PS..will put up a few photos from the shower I gave tomorrow..they are so cute..

Monday, October 3, 2011

Pink Pumpkins I made today

I dressed mine up a little..had fun in between breaks of naps with pain pills and such for sciatic nerve hurting really bad...today was the best day in almost 5 days, rest of the days I was in bed literally..
I like pink pumpkins better that orange ones..not crazy about orange..lol enjoy, hugs, Lorraine

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Crib we bought and miscellaneous stuff

I don't remember having a choice when my boys were born...seems every crib we looked at was brown..lol I do love the white..we will buy the mattress when dh is not working on Sat..found out he is not next weekend so maybe Terrance and his dad can go and get it..up to them.
All the showers are done and whew is all I am going to say for now..glad they are over with..they all were fun. I have photos for the one I gave and Kim's sisters gave but not for the couples..I will put the one I gave as I know all the people that were there..I do not like putting photos on my blog without names that go with it..Kim is so busy and it sounded like a lot of work as she has a lot to do for now..I only know a few..so might put them up. It was different, we had to wear hats and it was a Tea Party shower..took an hour for us to eat..they serve each item one at a time..maybe that is what I should do as I was full before everything was served..lol I am still knitting and still sewing the curtains..I am not doing anything tomorrow or Friday, I am taking time off to read and do miscellaneous things I have been wanting to do.
You all won't believe what I have been doing since June.. a pen injection of insulin..all this time I am wondering and told my Dr and nurse twice...is was leaking..I have been doing it wrong..but must have gotten some insulin as I have been running 102 and a little higher so now I woke up and it was 90 this morning and after my nap I could hardly make it to the kitchen with the shakes..it was 81..I will keep using this way till Monday, I might have to go down on the units I take..I saw the needle and just about fainted but did not hurt or sting at all..dh went and found a video on how to use it..lol Will go before I start hurting sitting on this chair..hugs to all, Lorraine

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pretty mug from sister and her dh and makings of my purse

My youngest sister's dh works at a company called "Tervis" I think it is the name, got this on my birthday..and just loved it..mine came with a handle and is the only one that does, it is a 22 or 24 oz mug..hold two diet root beer cans..lol I have it with me wherever I go now..you can wash it in the dishwasher and you can use it the microwave but this one does not fit into mine..thank you both and I know they are expensive..love you two..Lorraine

This mess is my fabric cut up to make a petite purse for the tea party shower..boy am I ever going to be blue..lol but having fun..and I do not think it will be in bad taste either..If I want to tone it down a bit I will wear a black over blouse..I am having a lot of fun doing this..hope others are too..Well this is it for now..hope I did not forget anything else..if I did guys remind me and it will have to wait for the next time..being on the computer just kills my knees..love and hugs, Lorraine

Vanity Table

I am always putting my photos in backwards..This one shows the top to the right, this will have the beveled mirror with hinges to lift up. (of course I now have TV for me to watch while in the hot tub...now I don't miss anything, lol

The next four photos is the process my dh has done so far, now that he has to work the next 3 Sat if won't be finished for a bit. I need a vanity table..I saw one like this done at the home where my oldest son had gotten married in 2005, he ex hubby had done this to hers..and it looked great. I am having trouble putting on my makeup and standing for long period of time..so I really needed this..this will be in my master bedroom..I tried to help sand but with my nerve damage to my palms and tendentious on my thumbs on both hands, I just can't hold anything for a long time..it would all sanded by now..but not saying now I will go out there and try again..I can not wait till it is done..there will two shelves inside, so should hold most of my makeup and some other stuff..lol It has 4 small long drawers, can't put much into them..but I probably will keep my things I have in them now.

The inside of the table. You can see there are handle but for decorative look..we will use them again.

Another view of the shelves.

Another view.

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