Friday, October 7, 2011

Diaper Stacker pattern/Dr appts

These are the fabrics I choose to see what color I will add the initial S on the top of the diaper stacker..The fabric above will be on the bottom about 12 and on the top. the middle will be white..

This is the pattern finally found one I wanted..I made mine for both of my sons, one is going to be 40 in

Tomorrow I will be going to my last dietitian apt..could not make it for the last month.

Went to the Dr on wed..first one was my eye specialist and well, you won't believe it because I am still having problem believing it..I have a mold in my right eye...when he told me, the first thing that came to mind, dahhhhhhhh, was the mold we get in the than of course I realized he was talking about molds on our body to make sure I understood him I kept pointing to all of them on my arms, and few on my face..we have to keep an eye on it to make sure it does not could become something else.. Went and had my ultra sound that afternoon and I think I might be OK because she kept on saying oh that's good..she check my left, right kidneys, my bladder and under my a lot of photos was done..she told if it was serious my Dr would call..well I did not get a call so I feel pretty good..Have a great weekend..hugs to all..Lorraine

PS..will put up a few photos from the shower I gave tomorrow..they are so cute..

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