Friday, November 30, 2007

Card received today

I also received Donna M from my group for the charms exchange. I am sorry but it fell on the floor and I did not see them till dh gave them to me this morning. I thought I had seen an envelope for me but it wasn't in the pile I set on my end table by the door. You did a wonderful job on your very first try..are they not just wonderful little beauties to do..I love doing them. You were so kind to put on the split rings but you did not have too. It makes it easier to add to my Christmas charm bracelet. Can wait for the others to come in but it is not going to mailed till the end of next week..sooo..
I received this pretty ornament card from Cynthia M from my group..It is done in patchwork and I envy for it..I am not very good at it..thank you so very much.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Snowglobe below

I could only pick 8 photos and it was a hard thing to do but it is done. These are my nephews and nieces wishing you all a "Mele Kalikimaka & Hau'oli Makahiki Hou (Merry Christmas & Happy New Year". Enjoy..

My Creative Place

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Card received today

Received this pretty candle card from Monica in Spain from another group. I love the patchwork and lovely touch of Christmas..thank you very much.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Book I am reading-Kathy Reichs

My dil, Pauline, went to library and got two books from this author, Kathy Reichs, who I believe wrote the movie on TV called Bones..I think do not quote me on this.. So I asked her if I could read the other one. I have 3 weeks to read it..I may have to put more time into this one. I believe I will like her style of writing..if it is like CSI, lol

Parker's cousin, Hunter Larsen

This is Hunter Larsen, my nephew's cousin..looks like fun to me Hunter, wish I was in Florida enjoying the warm is brrrrrrr cold here in Memphis.
Here Hunter is I believe a Transformer..correct me if I am wrong..I do not know about kids stuff anymore..till I have a
Here Hunter is with his Mom, Kathy..getting ready for Halloween...I have blessed with all these photos with the younger generation..thank you all who have sent them to is most aprreciated on my part.

Monday, November 26, 2007

My Hot Chocolat Mug PC

I had some fun doing this one. I wanted a different Santa on my mug but all I could find was these so it went on there. This goes out to Donna M ...glad you did this swap with I drink hot chocolate all during winter in my two new favorite with Santa and a Snowman, a great fine in Walmart for 1.00 my dh broke my favorite one I have had for over 5 years last week..I have done two more swaps for my group but forgot to take photos..I hate when I do reference for later on...One was for an ornament swap and snowflakes. I machine thread painted snowflakes on the snow flake swap and fussy cut some ornament and sewed around them onto another ornament fabric..very pretty and sparkly too.

Received pcs and pin today

Received these two cards from sis today. One is for Christmas Tree and an ornament pc for our group. They are just beautiful and sparkly in person..thank you.
This is from Donna M for our Christmas tree swap. love all the decorations on your tree and thank you.
Received this pin from Sue W from another group that I am in..Sue calls it Autumn Sunshine..I will call it warm and fuzzy love it and thank you...

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cross Stitching, working on store and chat

I haven't cross stitch in 20 years...seems like I am getting back into things that I did a long time ago..I do plan on getting back into canvas oil painting next year..have I given up on fibers all together NO..just wanting to do something different. Some of the things I am working on, like my ceramics, give me quick gratification..which I did miss when creating and working on an art a lot of them end up being UFO's, unfinished art I did enjoy doing this one and working on another but it did not come with a chart so tried at first trying to figure out what..but ending up using all white which is how I make my snow babies in I work on this in early mornings and late evenings when I need a break from all that I am doing now...
My Shoppe is open again and I am still adding more items in.
1. We still have to let people know about international and Canada orders..I do not ship to these countries free...and do not right now have it set up ordering with overseas and Canada..will hopefully tomorrow.
2. The first $20.00 is free shipping but only in the Continental US-48 states..
3. Also wanted all to know they can write checks and send money orders but they have to email me with their orders...
4. I do use Pay Pal but later will add all credit cards. I am so very tired being on the computer loading and taking photos of everything..I just wanted to drop dead this A lot of work that I did not expect..
Enough of business..I would have put all this in my store but do not know how, my son does all that and his dsl is down or all this would have been on my store I am doing it here..hope it helps a bit. Sorry to those that do not like reading about people selling their things, it will be very much said at all when all things are done properly. But my link will stay here permanently.
I have Christmas cards to make for family and friends, a Christmas tree to put, if at all..we are eating at son's so no real reason to put one up..I can always go shopping to get into the spirit of we will see. Thank you for viewing my blog and shoppe, I do not think I have said this I will start now..

Saturday, November 24, 2007

My son's first turkey and Thanksgiving photos

I am still laughting about this photo. This my son's cat, Kat. Mom calls him the mountain lion because he is so huge..I still do not know how I got his eyes like this..but a great photos anyway.
My son, Terrance, keg fridge..
My son Mike and his wife Pauline..mike is trying to look so cool with his hat on..
My son's new carpet. I just loved it and took a few photos to make an art quilt out of it..really cool.
My son's first turke, he did so good. I thought him well. lol oh he did it all by himself..It was ans still delicious Terrance. Thank you for letting us have Thanksgiving at your home and look forward towards Christmas there as well..
Mom and Terrance looking at his keg fridge..
Made Mike take of his
Gathering around the table after dinner.
Terrance and the "mountain lion"..Kat..she is very sweet cat.

Received On Friday

This beautiful pin arrived on Friday from Annette J in the UK from another group. I love it and the colors are for Thank you kindly.
This is from Donna M from my group for the Snowflake swap. It has plastic on the top so it does show up very good, I did try and make the background a bit darker or you would not have seen but a hazy scene. thank you Donna it is pretty in person.
This is also from Donna for our Snowman swap. thank you...I am in the makings of doing the snowflake I should be mailing it out by the end of the week and also the cookies for our exchange.

Received a few days ago

Received this awesome Christmas tree from Ginger in my group for the swap..what else, lol Christmas Tree. It just sparkles all over the place. A glitter tree with round sequins on it.thank you..
I did not know who this pin was from for a few days but now I know it is from Amanda. lovely pin and thank you so much..I will wear after the holidays..

More Photos of family

This is Kendra Lausterer, my youngest brother, Don's, daughter from his second marriage, Kendra is 13. She looks like my sister and I when we were young..seems we all have children that looks like each
These next 5 photos are from my twins youngest son's family, Steven Markham in Ga. Here we have Ethan and boy he looks like he is having fun. So glad everything has turn out for you little one. Look at ME!! I am HOT HOT!! lol
Boy he sure looks like he loves Santa and I think Santa will brings Ethan lots of goodies this year! Merry Christmas, little one..
This is Hailey, Steven's oldest. Hailey looks so prim and proper here. lovely photo.
Very Very pretty you..

Friday, November 23, 2007

Lots Happening/chat

My site for one thing is not working properly at this time but will the link where it is. It should be running properly tomorrow..all you see now is the front page..and no store, well, heck that is not good for Son is taking care of it...I was trying to figure out how to do things in it so no one's fault but my own. lol..I am learning the hard way...can not stay away from anything that is challenge and something new to learn..we live and learn in the process, sometimes good and sometimes not so good.
I have loads of photos to put in here but that will have to wait for tomorrow...
I hope all had a wonderful day yesterday and have full bellies for I know I was a good girl and left room for I did great today too, I guess I just do not want to put any of those hard earned lost pounds to come back much work to lose them and ohhhhhhhhh so easy to gained them I just have to look at food and I gain
We ate at my son's home and he cooked his very first turkey and do have a photo of it..He did well, Mom though him It was a very cosy day and warm my home is always cold...My son, Mike and ddil came over to snack a bit is nice to have time off and get to have one's family together again...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Added link to my shop

I have added my fun shop link to this page...It still has a lot of work but officially it opened late last night. I spent most the day in between baking loading a lot of my items..and still have more to go. You will find it above "About Me" on the upper right hand side of this page. Somehow we lost the sign of my shoppe and what my son did with the background of it..but he will put it back there this evening...he was suppose to last night but must have been really tired.. I still have a lot of photos to take and than download them...whew...I think the hard part is done. I thank you for viewing my blog and for taking a look at my shoppe..thank you, hugs, Lorraine

Monday, November 19, 2007

Here she is Sidney Abigail Stonebarger

Isn't she just so adorable...I can not wait to hold her in my arms Michelle, thank you so much for sending me the photos and now I know looks like the Lausterer This photo of Sidney looks like you in one of your baby photos, Michelle...just adorable..
Here are brother and sister sweet...Sidney and Nathan you both...

Brooch and card received

Very cute card from Phyllis M from my group...thank you and love it.
Brooch pin from Lynne in a UK group. thank you Lynne..Now just waiting for 2 more...I have a feeling one is lost as I remember she said she mailed it out a few weeks ago..can not rely on po anymore....sheesh!!

Finishe My Charm Bracelets

Here is my Christmas Charm Bracelet for 2006 so far. These are my charms I made..I will add, as you can see I have already added the split rings, lol, I can wait to receive the rest. At least one of the hard part is already
Here is my 2006 Charm Bracelet all done now. I will not add any more. I have 41 charms from all the groups that I did an exchange with, one of each persons. and 2 of mine. It is so full..all the rings plus 3 have been double..How cool is that.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Photo of Nathan, chat of charms, jewelry and website

Isn't he just precious...Hi Nathan..I always love it and get excited when I received photos..even on the Internet...rather have them the old fashion way but that is the "old" way I take what I can get or waiting for your sister's photo..soon I hope, I have not seen what she looks like and can not wait...
Today I just worked on getting all the charms, extras that I made for sis, me and my website to sell..boy they are time consuming, feel like I did not do much. Than of course, wanted to catch up on adding all the charms I have received to put on my charm bracelet and than made another for Christmas charms both are awesome...I will have over 30 charms on the other is so full but looks great when done I will take another photo..on both of them I also am almost finished with my 20 cards and hopefully will get them out in tomorrow afternoon mail run.
Tomorrow I will bake more cookies and make more dough for other cookies...take a run to the jewelry store to pick up Mom's ankle bracelet I had fixed..I took a bunch of watches to have batteries put in and one it my brooch/pendant and has scarabs all around it...I have had that for so long I can not remember where I bought it at...with the business I had I always was reaching for items in containers and wearing a watch, after I had lost one in one of the earlier show that my son's bought for me in Hawaii, I did not wear but this as a pin and I always had the I really did not think they could put a new battery in it because it was old..they can do so much these days...
I now have a website that I am selling my fun stuff-jewelry for the holidays and etc..but it won't be ready till Pay Pal sends a statement with a certification number and it will take a few days..but than I have been so busy and soooo tired that I do not have everything up...This website will give me something to do on my spare time. if I find any..but I will have to keep records and inventory.....something I have not done in awhile..My son Mike did a wonderful job on the home page I am so proud of it. He also keeps up with what I am putting in it at home, he has all the info there...

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Baking goodies for the last few day.

I have been making the dough for cookies and baking them as I find the time for them..mmmm good. above is my chocolate cookies..made 16 doz of them ...split them with my sons..
Hers is the two loaves of banana bread...oh does the smell linger on...into my bedroom...this is my favorite bread with butter...I actually love coconut bread my mom use to make in the small coffee cans, but she does not have that recipe anymore..if anyone knows of sure would love to have it.
My two pumpkin loaves...another favorite in my family...always make this and the banana bread before Thanksgiving and again after...the cookies too.
I have the peanut butter cookie dough in the fridge and peanut butter balls to do yet but I am going to wait till tomorrow.
I still have my bunny cookies, mochika, a Filipino custard dessert... pumpkin pies and cherry pie to make for Thanksgiving. I am like a chicken without its head, as the other night I found out Thanksgiving was this week, I thought I had another two weeks..and I had not done anything I usually do before this holiday...too busy.. lol
In between all this I have finished my charm swap, making more pc for another group I signed up for but did not read on how many, it was 20 lol I get in a hurry sometimes and do not pay any attention. Also my son has been here for 2 night and my website is almost ready to open. I had to get a yahoo website to sell my goodies as the blog did not have anywhere to use pay now I have my own. Later my son will add me to his mall. web mall as he calls it. I will put a link to my web as soon as it it ready, it will be above my profile. so whew, I am tired..but still a lot to go...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Card received from France

I received this pretty Santa card from Brigitte C from Angers, France, this is from another group I have joined in on. thank you so much Brigitte, I love the card..

Charms for a swap and special ones

These are my special ones I made and had so much fun doing them even if they took longer than I wanted too. .The star and glitter candle was for the other swap but lost one somewhere so last night I had to make 5 different ones, snowman/tree ones...The other was experimenting with and came out pretty goo...I had a ribbon that had Merry Christmas on it and cut it out and sewed it one with silver holographic thread..than on the back I added the blue sequins and beads. the lower one is a shaker charm, lol on both sides. now talk about how to execute it without getting the glitter, snow ice, from my snow babies..beads and sequins from coming out when sewing.. Both have a novelty Christmas fabric as the base and than sheer novelty over on top..They are really pretty in person. I made 10 each of these..I might add them to some Christmas cards for family and friends and of course on of each will be on my Christmas charm bracelet.
These are the charms group that I am in. They all were fussy cut into one inch squares so I could get the designs I wanted. Than beaded and glitter on some of the backs..If you are using these for ornaments, glitter is the best thing to use as it glistens really well the Christmas is bugle beads and silver line beads...Hope they enjoy them, they will have a ribbon attached to them and not eyelets..The ones about will have eyelet on them when I receive mine from this group at one of them I will add a eyelet for my bracelet..I love showing off what others make.

Cards received

Thanksgiving card received from my sister, Mary A..I wasn't in this swap but she always sends me special cards for different holidays. thank you and I think it is wonderful..I love to fussy cut and make a collage of some sort too...
This card is from Phyllis M. for our Christmas tree swap..It is so pretty in person..thank you.

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