Thursday, November 8, 2007

What Sis sent me yesterday

Sis sent a very large box. I did not take photos of everything..but these pieces she made me I did scan. The bracelet you can buy as a kit from a discount store...and I love the ornament and light clasp.. the earrings, she did not know what to do with sent them to me just straight and I added the hook and made them swirly..thank you and wore them both till I went to bed...
Sis, also sent me a shawl..I get cold. It is so pretty one in a peachy color, 2 snowflakes, she made a gold and silver beaded ones, a pretty pin to wear...some Christmas ribbon, some fibers, a metallic red sheer, she did not know I had already, some bottle caps, soda can tops, crochet hooks P and Q..boy is that P huge, wonder if I can crochet with purple nail polish, yeah, a purple hat..I have been collecting all the colors, the ones you buy at the Dollar tree..all I need is orange and and what ever else they come up with...
I wear all that I make as much as I can. I dress for myself and no one else. When I get up I see what I want to put (beside my clothes or nightgown, lol) I will pick up a pair of earrings, bracelet, rings and necklace..and wear it all day. It makes me fell good. If I do some painting I will remove what I think would be ruined. Do you wear your jewelry even if you do not go anywhere? I could be down in dumps and seeing my jewelry one makes me feel a lot better. I also wear my diamonds around the house too, this makes me feel like a million bucks!! lol

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