Sunday, November 11, 2007

Magnet Bookmarker a new exchange

My sister, Mary ADkins, sent this neat bookmarker she bought when she went on vacation to Cypress Gardens a few months ago. So I asked my group if they wouldl like to try and make one but out of fabric.
This is what it looks like opened up from the top. sorry about the glare, this day I could not take a decent photo without glare..too many lights around that was on.
This is what the inside looks like.
These are mine that I made, I had only one to make but made one for myself...I wanted something bold and bright. I cut up the parrots..and made them to fit the size I choose..2x6 inches. I did not add the magnet yet as I wanted to scan it and not use the digital camera today. The inside looks terrible and am trying to figure out how to cover up the sewing I am going to experiment with fabric over the magnet and see if the magnet will still work on both ends with a book..If not it will have to look terrible..but than we know we have to use card stock for them. I do not think the magnet will hold onto fabric for a long period of time as it would on card stock, but than I could be wrong. Only time will tell on that


Princess Haiku said...

These are gorgeous!

Lorraine's Stuff said...

Thank you Princess Haiku, these as so easy to make and will be hostessing another group for these..later on. I love them and they look so cool on your book too, hugs, Lorraine

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