Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cross Stitching, working on store and chat

I haven't cross stitch in 20 years...seems like I am getting back into things that I did a long time ago..I do plan on getting back into canvas oil painting next year..have I given up on fibers all together NO..just wanting to do something different. Some of the things I am working on, like my ceramics, give me quick gratification..which I did miss when creating and working on an art a lot of them end up being UFO's, unfinished art I did enjoy doing this one and working on another but it did not come with a chart so tried at first trying to figure out what..but ending up using all white which is how I make my snow babies in I work on this in early mornings and late evenings when I need a break from all that I am doing now...
My Shoppe is open again and I am still adding more items in.
1. We still have to let people know about international and Canada orders..I do not ship to these countries free...and do not right now have it set up ordering with overseas and Canada..will hopefully tomorrow.
2. The first $20.00 is free shipping but only in the Continental US-48 states..
3. Also wanted all to know they can write checks and send money orders but they have to email me with their orders...
4. I do use Pay Pal but later will add all credit cards. I am so very tired being on the computer loading and taking photos of everything..I just wanted to drop dead this A lot of work that I did not expect..
Enough of business..I would have put all this in my store but do not know how, my son does all that and his dsl is down or all this would have been on my store I am doing it here..hope it helps a bit. Sorry to those that do not like reading about people selling their things, it will be very much said at all when all things are done properly. But my link will stay here permanently.
I have Christmas cards to make for family and friends, a Christmas tree to put, if at all..we are eating at son's so no real reason to put one up..I can always go shopping to get into the spirit of we will see. Thank you for viewing my blog and shoppe, I do not think I have said this I will start now..

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