Sunday, November 18, 2007

Photo of Nathan, chat of charms, jewelry and website

Isn't he just precious...Hi Nathan..I always love it and get excited when I received photos..even on the Internet...rather have them the old fashion way but that is the "old" way I take what I can get or waiting for your sister's photo..soon I hope, I have not seen what she looks like and can not wait...
Today I just worked on getting all the charms, extras that I made for sis, me and my website to sell..boy they are time consuming, feel like I did not do much. Than of course, wanted to catch up on adding all the charms I have received to put on my charm bracelet and than made another for Christmas charms both are awesome...I will have over 30 charms on the other is so full but looks great when done I will take another photo..on both of them I also am almost finished with my 20 cards and hopefully will get them out in tomorrow afternoon mail run.
Tomorrow I will bake more cookies and make more dough for other cookies...take a run to the jewelry store to pick up Mom's ankle bracelet I had fixed..I took a bunch of watches to have batteries put in and one it my brooch/pendant and has scarabs all around it...I have had that for so long I can not remember where I bought it at...with the business I had I always was reaching for items in containers and wearing a watch, after I had lost one in one of the earlier show that my son's bought for me in Hawaii, I did not wear but this as a pin and I always had the I really did not think they could put a new battery in it because it was old..they can do so much these days...
I now have a website that I am selling my fun stuff-jewelry for the holidays and etc..but it won't be ready till Pay Pal sends a statement with a certification number and it will take a few days..but than I have been so busy and soooo tired that I do not have everything up...This website will give me something to do on my spare time. if I find any..but I will have to keep records and inventory.....something I have not done in awhile..My son Mike did a wonderful job on the home page I am so proud of it. He also keeps up with what I am putting in it at home, he has all the info there...

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