Saturday, November 24, 2007

My son's first turkey and Thanksgiving photos

I am still laughting about this photo. This my son's cat, Kat. Mom calls him the mountain lion because he is so huge..I still do not know how I got his eyes like this..but a great photos anyway.
My son, Terrance, keg fridge..
My son Mike and his wife Pauline..mike is trying to look so cool with his hat on..
My son's new carpet. I just loved it and took a few photos to make an art quilt out of it..really cool.
My son's first turke, he did so good. I thought him well. lol oh he did it all by himself..It was ans still delicious Terrance. Thank you for letting us have Thanksgiving at your home and look forward towards Christmas there as well..
Mom and Terrance looking at his keg fridge..
Made Mike take of his
Gathering around the table after dinner.
Terrance and the "mountain lion"..Kat..she is very sweet cat.

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