Thursday, November 8, 2007

Muse Me Notebook Cover done

I finally finished the notebook cover for Ellen in a UK Embellish group. Boy did I have fun doing this...I hope your like it Ellen. It will go out in the mail on Sat if dh does not work or if I can get dil to take me to the post office. The word on the left side says "dream". I also have the word "inspire" and a musical note added on there..What would we do without our muses..this is the theme I wanted to do..I had all types of saying but having to cut all it out, Muse Me just called me...I used black felt, a rather larger piece than you buy at Walmart. I felted the fibers over the whole thing. Than I felted her with other fibers and the words..sewed it down with holographic pink thread. I made the letters kind of funky and I like the looks of it. I than made a polymer clay face, painted it metallic gold. I knew I wanted wire for hair so I used the ones that come in a package of 16 and they are soft. The only problem I did not know for sure how to attached it. I used the glue gun after I laid the hair in place and right away put her face on and afraid it ran on the outside of her face but really not that noticeable, this is the only thing I regret on this cover...I than sewed the fiber off on hand. I added some tails so you can keep your place in your notebook.
I have to let you know what our post office is doing to us here in Memphis. Last year, a thief stole the stamp machines in a few places, machine and all. Well, they took them out last week I think. So now I have no way of getting stamps till Sat when dh is home, as their working hours does not coincide with dh..In another part of town, they added a stamp machine and you can only use a credit card. the people are complaining..Hello there, it is better than nothing..I would love for them to do that here in my part of town. Always something with the post office. I am going to be glad when one day I do not have rely on them for their services..they I believe think they know they got us and doing what they damn want too..MO..Every post office is not run the same way. I get this from all over with the groups I am in..I think they should be. One will not put a pc with a plastic sleeve in the their meter machine and charge you more, even if it by the standards of the rules. Others will. I know it is the clerks that work at the post office. So everyone is always confused on what they can do If I had my twins sister problem I would get someone to take me to Tampa and complain...This is all MO. my opinion. so comments ok..


ellen in VA said...

Lorraine!!! It is great! Can't wait to see it in person. My favorite colors. Christmas is early this year!!! Thanks for all your hard work.


Lorraine's Stuff said...

Ellen I haven't said a word to the I was going to wait till I had it you beat me to it..I am so glad and pleased that you like what I have done. It was so much fun, that I am going to one for me..Our muses comes in many spriits, moods and etc..but glad we have them..Enjoy and hugs, Lorraine

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