Monday, November 5, 2007

Notebook and Brooch/Pin received today/chat

I received an awesome package today and love them both. Both the notebook cover/book and brooch/pin is from Liz Read from the UK. thank you, Liz.
I had problems finding a 6x9 notebook without the spiral wire on it so how do I got about doing this I do not know but will figure a way so it will be as pretty as this one.
Today I took off from doing anything with my left hand so I played around with my computer and fixed some files, deleted a few things..
I am trying to figure out how to sell my items. I am thinking of getting a new email and blog for this, as a lot of people said they like this blog because I do not sell anything and I think that is a good idea to keep them separated. I have a title for my new blog..I will not take any credit cards or pay will have to be check or money orders as I do not know how to do the others..on a I will just put photos and give info on how to contact me..I will figure it out..if I do not sell well there is always next year at a few crafts shows here...Just want of offer what I am making as I think they are great. I have worked hard on keep on checking and I will only once direct you to my new blog and put a link and that will be it.

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