Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Crib we bought and miscellaneous stuff

I don't remember having a choice when my boys were born...seems every crib we looked at was I do love the white..we will buy the mattress when dh is not working on Sat..found out he is not next weekend so maybe Terrance and his dad can go and get it..up to them.
All the showers are done and whew is all I am going to say for now..glad they are over with..they all were fun. I have photos for the one I gave and Kim's sisters gave but not for the couples..I will put the one I gave as I know all the people that were there..I do not like putting photos on my blog without names that go with it..Kim is so busy and it sounded like a lot of work as she has a lot to do for now..I only know a might put them up. It was different, we had to wear hats and it was a Tea Party shower..took an hour for us to eat..they serve each item one at a time..maybe that is what I should do as I was full before everything was I am still knitting and still sewing the curtains..I am not doing anything tomorrow or Friday, I am taking time off to read and do miscellaneous things I have been wanting to do.
You all won't believe what I have been doing since June.. a pen injection of insulin..all this time I am wondering and told my Dr and nurse was leaking..I have been doing it wrong..but must have gotten some insulin as I have been running 102 and a little higher so now I woke up and it was 90 this morning and after my nap I could hardly make it to the kitchen with the was 81..I will keep using this way till Monday, I might have to go down on the units I take..I saw the needle and just about fainted but did not hurt or sting at all..dh went and found a video on how to use Will go before I start hurting sitting on this chair..hugs to all, Lorraine

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pretty mug from sister and her dh and makings of my purse

My youngest sister's dh works at a company called "Tervis" I think it is the name, got this on my birthday..and just loved it..mine came with a handle and is the only one that does, it is a 22 or 24 oz mug..hold two diet root beer I have it with me wherever I go can wash it in the dishwasher and you can use it the microwave but this one does not fit into mine..thank you both and I know they are you two..Lorraine

This mess is my fabric cut up to make a petite purse for the tea party shower..boy am I ever going to be but having fun..and I do not think it will be in bad taste either..If I want to tone it down a bit I will wear a black over blouse..I am having a lot of fun doing this..hope others are too..Well this is it for now..hope I did not forget anything else..if I did guys remind me and it will have to wait for the next time..being on the computer just kills my and hugs, Lorraine

Vanity Table

I am always putting my photos in backwards..This one shows the top to the right, this will have the beveled mirror with hinges to lift up. (of course I now have TV for me to watch while in the hot I don't miss anything, lol

The next four photos is the process my dh has done so far, now that he has to work the next 3 Sat if won't be finished for a bit. I need a vanity table..I saw one like this done at the home where my oldest son had gotten married in 2005, he ex hubby had done this to hers..and it looked great. I am having trouble putting on my makeup and standing for long period of I really needed this..this will be in my master bedroom..I tried to help sand but with my nerve damage to my palms and tendentious on my thumbs on both hands, I just can't hold anything for a long would all sanded by now..but not saying now I will go out there and try again..I can not wait till it is done..there will two shelves inside, so should hold most of my makeup and some other It has 4 small long drawers, can't put much into them..but I probably will keep my things I have in them now.

The inside of the table. You can see there are handle but for decorative look..we will use them again.

Another view of the shelves.

Another view.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Quilts on my walls..

The two above photos I am showing where I have added 3 of my Element quilts from Linda Schmidts class I did in 2004..the first one is ocean and wind but I did clouds/lighting and the below is my fire one in my dining room, I really love this..I am going to adding some swirl candles I found from when I have my buisness to put on the those gold candle holders and it will look awesome. click on them to see a larger view. thank for looking.

My son Terrance and his wife, Kim, did my self portrait in a shadow box. I have been waiting so long for this to be framed. it looks great. Thank you for such a wonderful birthday present. love to you both.

Now I hope I haven't forgotten anything as my knees are killing me for sitting here to long..have a wonderful weekend everyone. love and hugs, Lorraine

Another hat done with knitting

I have this already knitted about 3 weeks now but could not find the I have it and can finished it so I can felt is so huge..I still need to make the Icord add the chain add another Icord, chain and Icord..than I still have to go around the edges with the fizz/yard together..than I can felt it.. I just forgot to put this in yesterday. hugs, Lorraine

Hat for Tea Party

This is the back, I added tulle and sewed in some mirror beads and a tail of teal and turquoise beads..

This is the front with the white added to the front..just added this morning..not sure if I like it..what do you think of this one?

This is the one I finished last night and I do like it. My dh loved it when I added the large blue feather to does look good on..Which one do you like the best, with or without the can call me personally and let me I have a teal/turquoise a bit of mustard and green on the halter dress with straps I am making and a teal over blouse, but might go with black..I love to walk in as the "Turquoise/Teal Lady" lol but might have to tone it down a we will see what mood I am in is fun..and when looking up how to make a tea hat..well, I am not a flower person at flowers on my also it said at the end to not to forget my white gloves and parasol..which I have in 3 colors also..glove only white and navy blue, I wore at my wedding 37 years ago in Feb of still have the beaded navy blue purse Now to sewing my dress and also will sew the hot pink one and Hawaiian one with dark blue hibicus..than I can check it off my

What are you all working on this dh has to work..

Can you believe he has to work the last Saturdays of Sept..when they run out of cotton the do a shut down and no one gets any days off and the work 10-12 hours..all the showers are on two of the Sat..even the one I am giving..I will get to all of them one way or another..someone will take pity on me. Have a wonderful day and weekend, love and hugs, Lorraine

spell checker is not working sorry...for any words mispelled.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Where I am at with my baby layette

All the invitations for the showers, mine is in the middle, the diaper which is Sat on 17..a couples shower is the Sat after mine and the shower, Tea Party with hats, put on by her sisters is at a Cafe in Covinginton, the one on the right. Gotta save these for

This is the 3rd time around as my little puppy got a hold of it 2 times and had it a mess and stitches off..but it was a bit smaller than this..what you are looking at is my back of the sacque ( I think it is called this because it has only one button on top) the front of the back with the buttercup and cornflower pattern..the top piece is the starting point of one of the front of the sacque. I still have the cap , 2 mittens and 2 booties..we will see if I get to the others by the time the baby is due..I do not just knit this I also am working on my purses, have been sewing and doing some at the end I will probably be hustling it..If you all know me, haven't been able to much and now that I am doing, I have to have more pots on the stove than only way to put it.. Now it is time for lunch and than the hot tub and a short nap..have a wonderful and hugs to all..Lorraine

Catching up on a few things

Above is the purse I am going to make my younger sister but in hot pink..the wool yarn is harder to obtain since these books are a few years older and so is the hardware..but I will

My purse half way done and than I get to felt will half the size it is is love felted don't see the stitches when you are done..

I had to give my Sheba away as she was getting a bit larger for me to handle..I now have a hip problem due to me holding on the lease and her all tangled up under the table and chairs and her pulling me down with her..I forgot to let go of the leash..People her paws was getting a little to big for my own wanted to give her away now so that she can find a wonderful home with some wonder children, they will have so much fun with her like we did..we use to get wore out by her in the evening playing with her..I wish I could have blinked my eyes and she would have been grown already..but still might had have a problem with her being to large for a handicapped person like me..

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