Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Crib we bought and miscellaneous stuff

I don't remember having a choice when my boys were born...seems every crib we looked at was I do love the white..we will buy the mattress when dh is not working on Sat..found out he is not next weekend so maybe Terrance and his dad can go and get it..up to them.
All the showers are done and whew is all I am going to say for now..glad they are over with..they all were fun. I have photos for the one I gave and Kim's sisters gave but not for the couples..I will put the one I gave as I know all the people that were there..I do not like putting photos on my blog without names that go with it..Kim is so busy and it sounded like a lot of work as she has a lot to do for now..I only know a might put them up. It was different, we had to wear hats and it was a Tea Party shower..took an hour for us to eat..they serve each item one at a time..maybe that is what I should do as I was full before everything was I am still knitting and still sewing the curtains..I am not doing anything tomorrow or Friday, I am taking time off to read and do miscellaneous things I have been wanting to do.
You all won't believe what I have been doing since June.. a pen injection of insulin..all this time I am wondering and told my Dr and nurse was leaking..I have been doing it wrong..but must have gotten some insulin as I have been running 102 and a little higher so now I woke up and it was 90 this morning and after my nap I could hardly make it to the kitchen with the was 81..I will keep using this way till Monday, I might have to go down on the units I take..I saw the needle and just about fainted but did not hurt or sting at all..dh went and found a video on how to use Will go before I start hurting sitting on this chair..hugs to all, Lorraine

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