Saturday, September 10, 2011

Quilts on my walls..

The two above photos I am showing where I have added 3 of my Element quilts from Linda Schmidts class I did in 2004..the first one is ocean and wind but I did clouds/lighting and the below is my fire one in my dining room, I really love this..I am going to adding some swirl candles I found from when I have my buisness to put on the those gold candle holders and it will look awesome. click on them to see a larger view. thank for looking.

My son Terrance and his wife, Kim, did my self portrait in a shadow box. I have been waiting so long for this to be framed. it looks great. Thank you for such a wonderful birthday present. love to you both.

Now I hope I haven't forgotten anything as my knees are killing me for sitting here to long..have a wonderful weekend everyone. love and hugs, Lorraine


Anne said...

the quilts look great up on your walls! And how lovely that the kids framed your self portrait.

LorraineS said...

Thank you Anne. After all these years they have been rolled and put away and never put them up..and decided I am going to using my first years of QU classes quilts I made..this was Linda's first class with the Elements. I just loved using everything but the kitchen sink on yes it was wonderful and Kim did it I believe by herself..and when you walk into my living room you see all 3 quilts..not the only ones Have a wonderful tomorrow. I will be putting in another posting..I knew I forgot something..than probably won't put nothing in till something is finished..oh no the showers are coming lots of hugs, Lorraine

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