Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hat for Tea Party

This is the back, I added tulle and sewed in some mirror beads and a tail of teal and turquoise beads..

This is the front with the white added to the front..just added this morning..not sure if I like it..what do you think of this one?

This is the one I finished last night and I do like it. My dh loved it when I added the large blue feather to does look good on..Which one do you like the best, with or without the can call me personally and let me I have a teal/turquoise a bit of mustard and green on the halter dress with straps I am making and a teal over blouse, but might go with black..I love to walk in as the "Turquoise/Teal Lady" lol but might have to tone it down a we will see what mood I am in is fun..and when looking up how to make a tea hat..well, I am not a flower person at flowers on my also it said at the end to not to forget my white gloves and parasol..which I have in 3 colors also..glove only white and navy blue, I wore at my wedding 37 years ago in Feb of still have the beaded navy blue purse Now to sewing my dress and also will sew the hot pink one and Hawaiian one with dark blue hibicus..than I can check it off my

What are you all working on this dh has to work..

Can you believe he has to work the last Saturdays of Sept..when they run out of cotton the do a shut down and no one gets any days off and the work 10-12 hours..all the showers are on two of the Sat..even the one I am giving..I will get to all of them one way or another..someone will take pity on me. Have a wonderful day and weekend, love and hugs, Lorraine

spell checker is not working sorry...for any words mispelled.

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