Friday, September 9, 2011

Where I am at with my baby layette

All the invitations for the showers, mine is in the middle, the diaper which is Sat on 17..a couples shower is the Sat after mine and the shower, Tea Party with hats, put on by her sisters is at a Cafe in Covinginton, the one on the right. Gotta save these for

This is the 3rd time around as my little puppy got a hold of it 2 times and had it a mess and stitches off..but it was a bit smaller than this..what you are looking at is my back of the sacque ( I think it is called this because it has only one button on top) the front of the back with the buttercup and cornflower pattern..the top piece is the starting point of one of the front of the sacque. I still have the cap , 2 mittens and 2 booties..we will see if I get to the others by the time the baby is due..I do not just knit this I also am working on my purses, have been sewing and doing some at the end I will probably be hustling it..If you all know me, haven't been able to much and now that I am doing, I have to have more pots on the stove than only way to put it.. Now it is time for lunch and than the hot tub and a short nap..have a wonderful and hugs to all..Lorraine

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