Friday, September 9, 2011

Catching up on a few things

Above is the purse I am going to make my younger sister but in hot pink..the wool yarn is harder to obtain since these books are a few years older and so is the hardware..but I will

My purse half way done and than I get to felt will half the size it is is love felted don't see the stitches when you are done..

I had to give my Sheba away as she was getting a bit larger for me to handle..I now have a hip problem due to me holding on the lease and her all tangled up under the table and chairs and her pulling me down with her..I forgot to let go of the leash..People her paws was getting a little to big for my own wanted to give her away now so that she can find a wonderful home with some wonder children, they will have so much fun with her like we did..we use to get wore out by her in the evening playing with her..I wish I could have blinked my eyes and she would have been grown already..but still might had have a problem with her being to large for a handicapped person like me..


Anne said...

I love that white fluffy purse! But alas, I would have no where to carry it!

LorraineS said...

Anne, I carry all my purses where ever I go, fancy or not..that is what they are for..carry all your does not have to be is usually added at the end before all the fluff on these purses can be taken out..also all of them, the colors can be change..I am going to have to improvise on the hardware as they are getting hard to find...Anne thank you so much so "chatting back with me" I love it..hugs to you..Lorraine

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