Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Bib I made and purse going to make

My new exercisers, my gazelle. my dietitians wanted for me to use this instead of walking..she feels like two other Drs...walking is not the right exercises for my far good, oh Sheba is helping chew up the

What the inside will look like..this a felted purse and using wool to make the looks..I made about 5 about a year and half ago but can't find

Purse I am going to make hopefully get it started so I can knit it in little outfit for my grand baby is on hold for now.. the knitting needles are smaller than what I am use to and is really hurting my thumbs..and also I have a dog that seems to make me lose a few stitches every now and than and that is no fun..newspaper helps a lot..boy does she run when I bring it

My very first bid and boy is it small..but will fit a newborn.. but I will make them larger...I am making my own patterns..I will like them a lot better..of course cut the head of the poor
My others will look a lot better with more practice...I have a few halter dresses I need to make for my trip to Mi soon..and few mending to do and yuck a pair of slack to hem..hated hemming hugs to all..Lorraine

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