Saturday, December 27, 2008

Purpletone scarf and chat

This is my every day scarf I made for me. I have started and taken apart 4 scarves for different purple one I did not have enough yarn, but I do now..needed the needle so I took it aqua, was ready to bind it off last night and realized it was way to large for the slit I made..somehow I added more cast on stitches than I I took it apart...had my other niece's hot pink half way done and made a mess of it, probably because I was doped up with pain killers..never do this I had no choice but to take it so you can I have learned to play and learn..
I hope all of you reading my blog have had a wonderful Christmas..I was totally depressed because I am the type that I think I have to do every thing to make every one happy..but being laid up I learned a great lesson. I do not have to be the one to make every one happy but as a family we make each other happy..they did not need me to make them happy..just being together and doing what we do on holidays, being together and enjoying each other's company..My sons, mom and dh all pitch in and made the dinner while I was stuck on the couch, knitting..and I just did not let it bother me because it was beyond my all was great.
Dinner was great, every thing tasted good. I did on Christmas morning baked some stuff but with the guidance of my dh..making
I received two different types of knitting had 4 rounds ones in different all means, this will not take away me knitting with needles..I do have and had for many years a knitting machine..never been used yet..but might want to now...I will try anything. I received some money and gift certificate and an Ipod nano..I now need to get online and get some I did pretty good...besides what my dh lets me buy what I want through out the I always have Christmas..I am lucky.
I hope you all have a wonderful and Happy New Year...hugs, Lorraine

Monday, December 22, 2008

My Nieces scarf

This is for my niece, Tara Larsen. It is really really pretty. I loved working with this yarn. It is called VooDoo by Patons. The color is suede. You have a 20 inch length of yarn, that looks like a shoe string and than 4 inches of the yarn. I took two photos to show how it knits up and one with it in the slit...I bought me enough to make me one the Ruby color. The scarf took 3 and a little bit of the 4th. It took me about 4-5 hours to make it too, It is also called super bulky..which I did not think so... I think this will look very classy for a working girl. I hope you like it, Tara..lots of hugs, Aunt Lorraine

Sunday, December 21, 2008

my red and silve scarf for Christmas and quilt hanging

Finally have one of my Christmas quilts hanging..he did this while I was asleep last night and put it in the wrong place, but not complaining, at least it is up..It is huge..
My red and silver scarf for Christmas day..if I need it...not sure if it will be that cold..tonight it is suppose to go down to 18 degrees, up to the 60's tomorrow and rain..than low again and high again...never know what we need with the weather playing a yo yo weather here in Memphis.. hugs, Lorraine

Il Divo on utube
First of all wanted you all to watch this and it may make you weep and it is just might do like I did and play more of their music...I am for sure going to get my a few dvd on them...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Burnt Tea Kettle

This is what you get when you do not think things through...I put the kettle on to boil some water for my tea..usually I use the microwave and do not know why I did it differently...I did not put the whistle part done so I never heard the pot..I was watching a funny Christmas show, Christmas in Connecticut and was so involved in it and knitting..till the smoke alarm went off...not sure how long it was burning..but had to be some time...I just love this kettle and the NEX base had only one now will try to find another one like it..I see a lot of enamel ones and had one before and do not like have a safe holiday!! hugs, Lorraine

Christmas Fabric post card from my sis, Patti

I received this fabric post card from my youngest sister, Patti, yesterday, It is so pretty. She said she bought the two fabrics at Joann's about 3 months ago..I have never seen the "Believe" fabric at all...what one can do with that one..Thank you sis...I love it..and know that who ever you sent them to, did too..Merry Christmas..

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas scarf for Patti

I put away the other two so I could do this one today and mail it out tomorrow. This is a two tone green with silver mettalic. it is much darker than what shows here and could not get the ture color...I started it late last night and finished this about an hour ago..Now it is packaged up and ready to go with dh to the mail...we print our own postage and put it on our enevelopes and just dropped it off at the PO. I sure hope you get it on Tuesday so you can wear on Wednesday...keeping fingers cross.
Well, my knee went through hell this morning..It was hurting that bad but after today I am back on the cold and hot treatments again. I will find out when and if I need surgery next week Tuesday...
I cancel the two classes I signed up at QU and will take them later one..when life is a lot better around here..
I can not believe I burnt my new teapot..I was in involved in a movie, Christmas in Connecticut with Barbara Stanwick and Dennis Morgan, it was funny and tape it on a DVD for next year..The pot turn an awful color and all the plastic melted right off...I was boiling water, people, water..but I loved this teapot and hope I can get another one like it..I did not hear it whistle because I forgot to put the whistle part down...I can not believe I have done this..
I will try and decorate the tree tomorrow, put up a quilt if I can on my walls..I am doing this for me as it seems no one else cares..but I do and I was getting a little depressed over it and figure I love it and will do it for myself..
My little sis, Patti sent me my very first fabric post card today for this year...I do not think remember getting or making one before I shut down my post card group in a long time ago for I will scan it tomorrow and put it here...thank you sis, do I miss doing fpc sometimes..but not that bad to make one..Have a wonderful weekend doing your last minute shopping and be safe..lots of hugs, Lorraine

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

At the Doctor's office and some chat

Photo of how I work with two scarves at one time..I could add another one but won't..The turquoise one had a bit of shiny fibers in it..very pretty in person..

Hello everyone,

I want to start by saying thank you so much for keeping up with is very much appreciated by me..

I went to see Dr. Fly yesterday and he is sending my to get a MRI on Friday this week. Than I take what they do to Dr. Fly on Dec 23 to see just what I did to my knee.. He said I could have torn a cartilage and I am to use a brace..the brace and I did not get along so I am using a When he pushed on the spot that really hurt, he was a lucky Dr., he hurt me so bad that I could have kick him..

Even though things are bad right now, as I can hardly do anything...My tree is still not decorated, no quilts are up on the walls, no cookies are baked..I still have the spirit..I can not help that my sons and dh has not helped is for them if they can't help me, it just won't get is not worth the pain or being laid up in bed..I always like to past things forward to make others happy and sometimes that is when I believe I try to hard and end up hurting myself..I am told by all, not to worry about it..but I do...

I always put up my wreath on my door first..that is not even on my door...oh well..I do wish all to have a Merry Christmas....even it is not visible..

I have been knitting more scarves and having a ball doing it..I have used all types of different fiber yarn..trying to figure out the gauge on each different one.. Some yarns are a bit harder to get on the needle but when they are so pretty, I can not

I am working with two different types right is called Cotton Candy by Yarn barn ( a turquoise) and the other one is called Boucle Traditions Brushed..called Grapetones..this yarn has knobbies and very thin fibers..when I get to the thin part I feel like it is going to break on me but hasn't yet..

I bought quite a bit of yarn yesterday to practice..the one I was looking for so I can have that for me for a scarf , they no longer carry it and all I needed was about 2oz..of it..I am going online to see if I can find it and buy a lot of it..I would like to make shawl for out of it..I am designing it right now..if not..well, I find something else.

I did get to do some laundry, can't reach inside the washing machine so I am using a back scratchier, thanks sis for the idea.. I am tempting on trying to bake something..make the house smell like Christmas..

I sent no cards out this if you are a friend or a part of my know now why you did not receive one from me...I wanted to make some fabric cards but have not been able to use the pedal on the sewing machine..who would have thought that..left foot I still could be sewing away and finishing all the other quilts and my I will We do not buy cards so had none to send out..but there is always a first time for everything..

My son, Mike, finally got a job..he has been off work since May, he has his name all over Memphis..can you believe not even Crystals hired is bad really bad..We have been helping with his bills..I know if he had and we did not he would be there for us..I do not expect any of what we gave him back..Part of life when you are a parent.

I ordered the Wham Christmas CD, Edge of Heaven, thank you Michelle for letting me know the title and verse..I also ordered another Wham CD.. I had to go to Amazon and order it under the used CD..there were 3 people trying to sell that CD for 36 dollars and change..I got mine for 9 dollars and change, it was mailed out yesterday morning...

I went and looked at Malibu's yesterday on the way home..Oh they have my color, Silver Moss..I was so surprised the the shift is on the floor, but the guy said it is better for you arms and hands..I used to have a Pinto that was like that and my has every thing..told the guy I am going to buy one but not at this time and I only buy if they have my is running now to 17 thousand..I am waiting for it to go lower..he said the best time it right after Christmas and New maybe I will get it then..but it might be even lower in January..we will see...thank goodness I do not need it now..I can wait....I won't be able to drive now with my leg so..I have plenty of time..

What kind of car do you drive...I am wanting the best car..but I think it is a Volvo..but they above my means of or is it a Volvo..I want it to last me the rest of my life on

Well, are you still here..thank you for reading my lots of love and hugs to all..Lorraine

I might try to sell some of my scarves as I get done with them here on my blog..I am just glad my hands do not bother me with knitting or I would be a basket case...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Another split scarf done and chat

This is the fourth split scarf I have done in a week..I sent the purple one to my mil..and made this one for me..will make another purple tonight. I did not add fringe on this one as I do not think it needs it...It took 4 skeins to make it..I had to take this apart 3 times to get the right size I wanted..but it is also not an east fiber to knit..It has two strands of different fiber and also has the bumpy fiber along it too..but done..Now I am decided what I want to make...I might try smaller ones for my nieces but not sure..
I am suppose to go to the Dr. Fly tomorrow for my knee. I just got a call saying if the kids are let of school, I will have to reschedule my appt..I wish it won't come..we are expecting freezing far I do not see any...I hope they miss us completely..I am still suppose to call the office to see if all the workers made it in..and if they are closed I just the next day and make another appt...boy this is going to be fun, isn't it...oh well..I did wake with more pain this morning and I could not see how...I was doing so good yesterday..the weather..for sure..
Stay warm and lots of hugs, Lorraine

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sisters split scarves done

The burgundy scarf is for Mary (Adkins), my twin, and the green scarf is for youngest sister, Patti (Johnstone). I did these two together on the same needles so I would finished them the same time..I use to do that with sweaters I knitted, I would do a sleeve, body, and sleeve..I love doing things this way..I have knitting for 41 years, started in my late teens..I love to knit..I am now going to make one for my mother in law...Janet. I am also going to do another one for me...till I find out what is wrong with my knee..I have tried to dabble with the sewing machine but having to use the foot peddle does not help my pain so no sewing for now..
The shot lasted a day and half and been on pain pills. but I am slowly trying to go off of them as I seem to sleeping an awful lot with them..maybe this is good but maybe not I only I have two days to worry about what is wrong..I hope you all had a nice week and an even better one this coming week. lots of hugs, Lorraine

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Split Scarf finished and chat

I just finished this about an hour ago.. It measures 32 inches long and about 10 inches wide. I made my longer and wider.. It fits just not have to worry when I bend over the whole scarf will come tumbling down, now.. I already started two more on the same needle for both of my is burgundy and the other dark green. Wool yarn,,,
Doctor's appointment yesterday:
I was in and out of the doctor's in an hour and half and even had x-rays on my knee, two shots and plenty of blood taken from me...My Dr's other patients were not done for him to visit and I great for x-rays did not show any fractures or broken I get to visit the orthopedic Dr on Tuesday next. Dr. Manese believes with the severe pain that I was in that I have tore a soft tissue in my cartilage I think.. I had a flu shot and all my regular routine done..When I got home I felt no pain anywhere on my felt good till I started to feel kinda funny and went to bed...I slept 5 and half hours and went to bed at midnight and still slept till 630 this morning..I only have a slight ache in my knee and no severe pain today..but I haven't taken a pain pill yet..and probably will in a hour or so as I really do not want to feel the pain if I do not have to.
My home is a wreck, as I cannot seem to doing anything..My 4 foot tree is still not decorated. cookies are not being made..suppose to have help from boys..if I waited for dh it would never get done..I do not know why he does ever want to help me when it comes to anything Christmas..
I finished machine quilting the monster of a quilt, Bargello Twist..I have never and I mean never broken a needle since I have started quilting 5 and half years ago and this quilt made up for it..broke 2 needles and bended on..oh I was mad..having those quarter inch strips and all the bulk in the back even if I ironed it the way I suppose to, it was a very hard quilt to machine far all my machines do not like going over thickness of fabrics..sooo now I just have to add the binding and walla it is done.
oh I have meaning to let you all know that if you have direct TV turn to channel 822 Holly station and you can hear Christmas music all I do till dh comes home.. I usually bring out all my CD about 45 of them and have to keep on changing them and a lot of the music is what I have..but not my Hawaiian Christmas tape.. My CD player plays 5 CD at a time. My favorite every year is one that I do not have. Wham singing oh forgot the title but she gave him away on Christmas sorry..I just love George Michael's voice..any way till next time, take care and lots of hugs, Lorraine

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Finished Quilt Winter Bargellos-chat

Here is my Fractal Winter Quilt. I finished both of these two weeks ago but this is the first time I have been able to post them. below is my snowflake design I machine stitch on it.

This is the Winter Bargello that we do in class, without the fractals..On the outside I did what I called stick snowflakes, This now belongs to sis, Mary Adkins..and she loves it.
I have also finished machine stitching my spring bargello...
A lot has happened to where I was not able to post in the two weeks. First I was so busy cleaning this house for to bottom and somehow hurt my right knee..not bad but enough that it ached all the time..Went shopping on Black Friday and Sat..Saturday night getting read to go and visit mom..I turn around and my right knee did not move with my body and the pain was horrific and I screamed and dh came a running...I could not step on my leg at all..I really wanted to see somehow my dh and I managed to get me to the his truck...well, I had a hard time walking to mom's door..we were there for about a half hour and the pain was so bad we had to come home...started the ice and heat treatment for a week now and I ended up on the walker till yesterday I got to use my cane again.. I am praying that it is not a torn cartilage that will require surgery, after all my left knee never healed right and been on the cane hopefully that I have just sprained some tendons...keep you fingers cross as I have a regular check with my Dr. on Tuesday and will have xrays done.
So I have started to knit a slit scarf and almost done..tried to finished my wrapagan but it was just heavy for me...I have been machine quilting my Bargello Twist since I have hurt my leg..slow going as it is the right leg that i need to push the peddle..anyone tried using there left I wanted to get all those quilt tops that I have made done before Christmas but do not know if I will..
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, we had a wonderful day and we even tried deep fried turkey, it is so not sure I missed the dressing that we make inside the bird...but dressing was good..
Black Friday we went to the NEX like we have for the last 3 years...we were told the wrong was at 4am and not we did not get all goodies that were really discounted...but still managed to find some good deals...
Hopefully I won't take so long in posting..this is the first for me and I thank you all for visiting my blog...lots of hugs,Lorraine

My stick snowflakes..

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