Saturday, December 27, 2008

Purpletone scarf and chat

This is my every day scarf I made for me. I have started and taken apart 4 scarves for different purple one I did not have enough yarn, but I do now..needed the needle so I took it aqua, was ready to bind it off last night and realized it was way to large for the slit I made..somehow I added more cast on stitches than I I took it apart...had my other niece's hot pink half way done and made a mess of it, probably because I was doped up with pain killers..never do this I had no choice but to take it so you can I have learned to play and learn..
I hope all of you reading my blog have had a wonderful Christmas..I was totally depressed because I am the type that I think I have to do every thing to make every one happy..but being laid up I learned a great lesson. I do not have to be the one to make every one happy but as a family we make each other happy..they did not need me to make them happy..just being together and doing what we do on holidays, being together and enjoying each other's company..My sons, mom and dh all pitch in and made the dinner while I was stuck on the couch, knitting..and I just did not let it bother me because it was beyond my all was great.
Dinner was great, every thing tasted good. I did on Christmas morning baked some stuff but with the guidance of my dh..making
I received two different types of knitting had 4 rounds ones in different all means, this will not take away me knitting with needles..I do have and had for many years a knitting machine..never been used yet..but might want to now...I will try anything. I received some money and gift certificate and an Ipod nano..I now need to get online and get some I did pretty good...besides what my dh lets me buy what I want through out the I always have Christmas..I am lucky.
I hope you all have a wonderful and Happy New Year...hugs, Lorraine

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