Monday, December 15, 2008

Another split scarf done and chat

This is the fourth split scarf I have done in a week..I sent the purple one to my mil..and made this one for me..will make another purple tonight. I did not add fringe on this one as I do not think it needs it...It took 4 skeins to make it..I had to take this apart 3 times to get the right size I wanted..but it is also not an east fiber to knit..It has two strands of different fiber and also has the bumpy fiber along it too..but done..Now I am decided what I want to make...I might try smaller ones for my nieces but not sure..
I am suppose to go to the Dr. Fly tomorrow for my knee. I just got a call saying if the kids are let of school, I will have to reschedule my appt..I wish it won't come..we are expecting freezing far I do not see any...I hope they miss us completely..I am still suppose to call the office to see if all the workers made it in..and if they are closed I just the next day and make another appt...boy this is going to be fun, isn't it...oh well..I did wake with more pain this morning and I could not see how...I was doing so good yesterday..the weather..for sure..
Stay warm and lots of hugs, Lorraine


Mary said...

Hi sissy, your scarfs are just wonderful and beautiful...I love mine cant wait to get it...thanks so that I am learning how to knit one day I will be able to knit as beautiful as you get your knee trouble fixed you, Mary

LorraineS said...

Thank you sis, it should get there soon..any day now..
I am making more, trying out different types of yarn and finding the gauge of the the different fun but seem like I am getting today I am making two I will have a closet full of scarves to go with whatever I
I go in for MRI on Friday and see the Dr again on the 23rd..I will probably get a date for surgery..if I have torn a cartlidge..lots of love and hugs, sis

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