Saturday, December 6, 2008

Finished Quilt Winter Bargellos-chat

Here is my Fractal Winter Quilt. I finished both of these two weeks ago but this is the first time I have been able to post them. below is my snowflake design I machine stitch on it.

This is the Winter Bargello that we do in class, without the fractals..On the outside I did what I called stick snowflakes, This now belongs to sis, Mary Adkins..and she loves it.
I have also finished machine stitching my spring bargello...
A lot has happened to where I was not able to post in the two weeks. First I was so busy cleaning this house for to bottom and somehow hurt my right knee..not bad but enough that it ached all the time..Went shopping on Black Friday and Sat..Saturday night getting read to go and visit mom..I turn around and my right knee did not move with my body and the pain was horrific and I screamed and dh came a running...I could not step on my leg at all..I really wanted to see somehow my dh and I managed to get me to the his truck...well, I had a hard time walking to mom's door..we were there for about a half hour and the pain was so bad we had to come home...started the ice and heat treatment for a week now and I ended up on the walker till yesterday I got to use my cane again.. I am praying that it is not a torn cartilage that will require surgery, after all my left knee never healed right and been on the cane hopefully that I have just sprained some tendons...keep you fingers cross as I have a regular check with my Dr. on Tuesday and will have xrays done.
So I have started to knit a slit scarf and almost done..tried to finished my wrapagan but it was just heavy for me...I have been machine quilting my Bargello Twist since I have hurt my leg..slow going as it is the right leg that i need to push the peddle..anyone tried using there left I wanted to get all those quilt tops that I have made done before Christmas but do not know if I will..
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, we had a wonderful day and we even tried deep fried turkey, it is so not sure I missed the dressing that we make inside the bird...but dressing was good..
Black Friday we went to the NEX like we have for the last 3 years...we were told the wrong was at 4am and not we did not get all goodies that were really discounted...but still managed to find some good deals...
Hopefully I won't take so long in posting..this is the first for me and I thank you all for visiting my blog...lots of hugs,Lorraine

My stick snowflakes..


Paula said...

Hi Lorraine, I like you bargello, beautiful colors.
I was just wandering what had happened to you!!! Now I know, I'm sorry to hear about your knee. Hope it will heal soon.
Take care


LorraineS said...

Hi Paula,
Yes, I over did it cleaning house before Thanksgiving..there is still a lot I should not do but try anyway and end up hurting myself..I thank you for you kinds words and I will find out on Tuesday just what is wrong with my knee..keep you fingers cross that it is not a torn cartlidge...You take care too and lots of hugs, Lorraine

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