Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Split Scarf finished and chat

I just finished this about an hour ago.. It measures 32 inches long and about 10 inches wide. I made my longer and wider.. It fits just not have to worry when I bend over the whole scarf will come tumbling down, now.. I already started two more on the same needle for both of my is burgundy and the other dark green. Wool yarn,,,
Doctor's appointment yesterday:
I was in and out of the doctor's in an hour and half and even had x-rays on my knee, two shots and plenty of blood taken from me...My Dr's other patients were not done for him to visit and I great for x-rays did not show any fractures or broken I get to visit the orthopedic Dr on Tuesday next. Dr. Manese believes with the severe pain that I was in that I have tore a soft tissue in my cartilage I think.. I had a flu shot and all my regular routine done..When I got home I felt no pain anywhere on my felt good till I started to feel kinda funny and went to bed...I slept 5 and half hours and went to bed at midnight and still slept till 630 this morning..I only have a slight ache in my knee and no severe pain today..but I haven't taken a pain pill yet..and probably will in a hour or so as I really do not want to feel the pain if I do not have to.
My home is a wreck, as I cannot seem to doing anything..My 4 foot tree is still not decorated. cookies are not being made..suppose to have help from boys..if I waited for dh it would never get done..I do not know why he does ever want to help me when it comes to anything Christmas..
I finished machine quilting the monster of a quilt, Bargello Twist..I have never and I mean never broken a needle since I have started quilting 5 and half years ago and this quilt made up for it..broke 2 needles and bended on..oh I was mad..having those quarter inch strips and all the bulk in the back even if I ironed it the way I suppose to, it was a very hard quilt to machine far all my machines do not like going over thickness of fabrics..sooo now I just have to add the binding and walla it is done.
oh I have meaning to let you all know that if you have direct TV turn to channel 822 Holly station and you can hear Christmas music all I do till dh comes home.. I usually bring out all my CD about 45 of them and have to keep on changing them and a lot of the music is what I have..but not my Hawaiian Christmas tape.. My CD player plays 5 CD at a time. My favorite every year is one that I do not have. Wham singing oh forgot the title but she gave him away on Christmas sorry..I just love George Michael's voice..any way till next time, take care and lots of hugs, Lorraine

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