Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas scarf for Patti

I put away the other two so I could do this one today and mail it out tomorrow. This is a two tone green with silver mettalic. it is much darker than what shows here and could not get the ture color...I started it late last night and finished this about an hour ago..Now it is packaged up and ready to go with dh to the mail...we print our own postage and put it on our enevelopes and just dropped it off at the PO. I sure hope you get it on Tuesday so you can wear on Wednesday...keeping fingers cross.
Well, my knee went through hell this morning..It was hurting that bad but after today I am back on the cold and hot treatments again. I will find out when and if I need surgery next week Tuesday...
I cancel the two classes I signed up at QU and will take them later one..when life is a lot better around here..
I can not believe I burnt my new teapot..I was in involved in a movie, Christmas in Connecticut with Barbara Stanwick and Dennis Morgan, it was funny and tape it on a DVD for next year..The pot turn an awful color and all the plastic melted right off...I was boiling water, people, water..but I loved this teapot and hope I can get another one like it..I did not hear it whistle because I forgot to put the whistle part down...I can not believe I have done this..
I will try and decorate the tree tomorrow, put up a quilt if I can on my walls..I am doing this for me as it seems no one else cares..but I do and I was getting a little depressed over it and figure I love it and will do it for myself..
My little sis, Patti sent me my very first fabric post card today for this year...I do not think remember getting or making one before I shut down my post card group in a long time ago for I will scan it tomorrow and put it here...thank you sis, do I miss doing fpc sometimes..but not that bad to make one..Have a wonderful weekend doing your last minute shopping and be safe..lots of hugs, Lorraine

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