Wednesday, December 17, 2008

At the Doctor's office and some chat

Photo of how I work with two scarves at one time..I could add another one but won't..The turquoise one had a bit of shiny fibers in it..very pretty in person..

Hello everyone,

I want to start by saying thank you so much for keeping up with is very much appreciated by me..

I went to see Dr. Fly yesterday and he is sending my to get a MRI on Friday this week. Than I take what they do to Dr. Fly on Dec 23 to see just what I did to my knee.. He said I could have torn a cartilage and I am to use a brace..the brace and I did not get along so I am using a When he pushed on the spot that really hurt, he was a lucky Dr., he hurt me so bad that I could have kick him..

Even though things are bad right now, as I can hardly do anything...My tree is still not decorated, no quilts are up on the walls, no cookies are baked..I still have the spirit..I can not help that my sons and dh has not helped is for them if they can't help me, it just won't get is not worth the pain or being laid up in bed..I always like to past things forward to make others happy and sometimes that is when I believe I try to hard and end up hurting myself..I am told by all, not to worry about it..but I do...

I always put up my wreath on my door first..that is not even on my door...oh well..I do wish all to have a Merry Christmas....even it is not visible..

I have been knitting more scarves and having a ball doing it..I have used all types of different fiber yarn..trying to figure out the gauge on each different one.. Some yarns are a bit harder to get on the needle but when they are so pretty, I can not

I am working with two different types right is called Cotton Candy by Yarn barn ( a turquoise) and the other one is called Boucle Traditions Brushed..called Grapetones..this yarn has knobbies and very thin fibers..when I get to the thin part I feel like it is going to break on me but hasn't yet..

I bought quite a bit of yarn yesterday to practice..the one I was looking for so I can have that for me for a scarf , they no longer carry it and all I needed was about 2oz..of it..I am going online to see if I can find it and buy a lot of it..I would like to make shawl for out of it..I am designing it right now..if not..well, I find something else.

I did get to do some laundry, can't reach inside the washing machine so I am using a back scratchier, thanks sis for the idea.. I am tempting on trying to bake something..make the house smell like Christmas..

I sent no cards out this if you are a friend or a part of my know now why you did not receive one from me...I wanted to make some fabric cards but have not been able to use the pedal on the sewing machine..who would have thought that..left foot I still could be sewing away and finishing all the other quilts and my I will We do not buy cards so had none to send out..but there is always a first time for everything..

My son, Mike, finally got a job..he has been off work since May, he has his name all over Memphis..can you believe not even Crystals hired is bad really bad..We have been helping with his bills..I know if he had and we did not he would be there for us..I do not expect any of what we gave him back..Part of life when you are a parent.

I ordered the Wham Christmas CD, Edge of Heaven, thank you Michelle for letting me know the title and verse..I also ordered another Wham CD.. I had to go to Amazon and order it under the used CD..there were 3 people trying to sell that CD for 36 dollars and change..I got mine for 9 dollars and change, it was mailed out yesterday morning...

I went and looked at Malibu's yesterday on the way home..Oh they have my color, Silver Moss..I was so surprised the the shift is on the floor, but the guy said it is better for you arms and hands..I used to have a Pinto that was like that and my has every thing..told the guy I am going to buy one but not at this time and I only buy if they have my is running now to 17 thousand..I am waiting for it to go lower..he said the best time it right after Christmas and New maybe I will get it then..but it might be even lower in January..we will see...thank goodness I do not need it now..I can wait....I won't be able to drive now with my leg so..I have plenty of time..

What kind of car do you drive...I am wanting the best car..but I think it is a Volvo..but they above my means of or is it a Volvo..I want it to last me the rest of my life on

Well, are you still here..thank you for reading my lots of love and hugs to all..Lorraine

I might try to sell some of my scarves as I get done with them here on my blog..I am just glad my hands do not bother me with knitting or I would be a basket case...

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