Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sisters split scarves done

The burgundy scarf is for Mary (Adkins), my twin, and the green scarf is for youngest sister, Patti (Johnstone). I did these two together on the same needles so I would finished them the same time..I use to do that with sweaters I knitted, I would do a sleeve, body, and sleeve..I love doing things this way..I have knitting for 41 years, started in my late teens..I love to knit..I am now going to make one for my mother in law...Janet. I am also going to do another one for me...till I find out what is wrong with my knee..I have tried to dabble with the sewing machine but having to use the foot peddle does not help my pain so no sewing for now..
The shot lasted a day and half and been on pain pills. but I am slowly trying to go off of them as I seem to sleeping an awful lot with them..maybe this is good but maybe not I only I have two days to worry about what is wrong..I hope you all had a nice week and an even better one this coming week. lots of hugs, Lorraine

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